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Record ID
January 30, 2015
Incident Date
10:00:00 AM
Investigations -- Shift I
3033 E Platte Avenue
****After the release of this ETACS it was determined that Wesly Lehmkuhl is no longer designated as a Sexually Violent Predator and is no longer subject to Community Notification. An ANS retraction notice was completed on 01-30-15. Please disregard the information provided in the ETACS.****

On this date the Colorado Springs Police Department issued an ANS message to a 3 block radius around the address of
3033 East Platte Avenue to conduct Community Notification regarding Sexually Violent Predator, 67 year old Wesly Lehmkuhl. Residents in that area were advised that an SVP will be residing near them and to visit the CSPD web page for further information. An associated press release was also sent to the local media. Contact Detective Rob Meredith at 444-7665 if you have questions regarding Mr. Lehmkuhl or this notification
Lt. Weber  -   444-7630
PD Contact
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