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Date 3/7/2015 7:54:38 AM
Alert Title Impersonating a Police Officer for Money
Alert Area Community Neighborhood
Alert Description There have been reports of an unknown male who telephones a citizen and portrays to be a law enforcement officer and he is calling about unpaid traffic fines or some sort of pending court action. The caller adds that the citizen needs to immediately pay these "fines" with Green Dot gift card PIN numbers over the phone. Persons receiving these types of calls or similar should not adhere to the callers requests and should immediately terminate the call. The recipient should then call the Colorado Springs Police Department or El Paso County Sheriff's Office to report this attempt of fraud. A judicial or executive branch of the government will never request payment of any kind with gift cards.
Contact Name Sgt. Chuck Potter Contact Division Stetson Hills
Contact Telephone 444-3146 Contact Email