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Colorado Springs Police Department Home Page

Recovered Stolen Items

The Colorado Springs Police Department is asking for your help to identify the rightful owners of property that was recovered during a recent burglary investigation.  Most of the property was stolen during residential burglaries in Colorado Springs and El Paso County in 2012 and 2013.  Photographs of the recovered property can be viewed on the City’s website at, just follow the link on the homepage to the photographs.

If you identify property that you believe is yours, contact the Colorado Springs Police Department at 444-7231.  Leave a message with your name, telephone number, case report number and the name of the photo for items that you believe belong to you.  

For example -
John Smith, Phone #:  123-4567, Case Report #: 11-11111, Photo #:  DSC00011.
A detective will contact you at a later time.

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