Urban Trail Maps

Many trails to enjoy!
Many trails to enjoy!
The Urban Trails of Colorado Springs are all designated as multi-use trails. This means that any non-motorized use of the trail is permitted. All of the trails are open to joggers, bicyclists, walkers, equestrians, roller blades, etc. The only exception to this rule is through Monument Valley Park, where deed restrictions prohibit equestrian use of the trail. Please follow trail etiquette while utilizing any trail. The current Urban Trail System consists of over 100 miles of trails, with another 100+ miles of planned trails identified in the Urban Trails Master Plan. The current trail standard is based on a "tier" system, with tier 1 being primarily the main "spine" trails, tier 2 being those trails that primarily feed the tier 1 trails, and tier 3 being smaller, natural trails.
Tier 1 & 2 trails are planned as hard primary surface with soft shoulders to accommodate all users. The standard for tier 1 trails is 12' wide hard surface with 2' - 4' soft shoulder, with a preferred landscape buffer between the hard and soft trail surface.
Tier 2 trails also have the same 12' standard, but without the landscape buffer.
Tier 3 trails are primarily gravel or natural surface, with a 4' - 6' trail width.
The primary trail corridors will include three sets of north-south trails and three sets of east-west trails. They will provide access to major residential, shopping and business areas of the City.

The Pikes Peak Greenway Detailed Links Map opens a general map of the Greenway first, and then allows you to view detailed sections of the Greenway. The sections are termed "reaches," as identified in the Pikes Peak Greenway Master Plan approved in 1994. The detailed maps also have mileage shown between trail intersections, pedestrian bridges and trailheads to help you plan your trail routes. The total length of the Pikes Peak Greenway (as maintained by the city) from the El Pomar Youth Sports Complex (south end) to the New Santa Fe Trail (north of Woodmen Rd) is 14 miles.
After you open the Interactive Urban Trail Map below, you can click on a blue colored trail name and view a more detailed map of that trail and any adjoining trails.

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