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 System plans must be picked up within 30 days. All system plans left longer than 30 days will be discarded as abandoned.


Review DateStatusComment(s)
9/30/2013 FYIPRODUCT 25, 25 Happy Stars 50, 50 shot 2" peanut gold willow 100, 100 shot quick whistle w / salute
FYIThis project is: Doherty High School, 4515 Barnes Road, COS CO. Fireworks for Homecoming, football game. October 4, 2013 @ approx 7:30 pm. SITE LOCATION: Garry Berry 2020 Glen Summer Rd, South end of practice field. Additional Comments: School rep: Ms Kit Bowie, Student Govt Advisor, Mr. Chris Noll Athletic Director Display time: 7:30 - 8:30 HALFTIME Applicant: Fireworks ExtraOrdinaire, Randy Jensen 719 661-3447; 303-905-4967 Aurora, CO ATTENTION: See our web site for our latest plan review comments for your job at: - go to "City Agencies" (tab on the teal bar to get a drop box) - click on - "Fire Department" - (Using the links down the left side of the page), click on - "Web Guide." Once you're into the Web Guide, click on "Plan Review Status" This will also give you access to numerous other items that may assist you in your future project design work.
FYIInternational Fire Code 2009 Edition, Chapter 33, Explosives and Fireworks and Code Amendments as adopted, shall apply. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1123 Code for Fireworks Display, MOST CURENT Edition, shall apply.
AttentionNoise Permit: Apply for permit from the CSPD, contact Code Enforcement 444-7704 Note: (Noise Permit not included in permit application)
Attention ATTENTION***************** ATTENTION **** CONSTRUCTION AND REINFORCEMENT * Construction and reinforcement of aboveground racks shall be compliant with NFPA 1123, A.4.6.1 Additional reinforcement shall also be provided and may include: stakes, sandbags, trenches, boxes, screens or barriers. * Reinforcement of multiple tube fireworks devices or cakes shall be required. * Permit Application/Plan submittals shall include a detailed description of construction reinforcement subject to the CSFD approval.
FYIApplication received: Permit application form Application of Noise Permit (NOT PROVIDED) Cert. of Insurance: Combined Specialties; General aggregate: $2,000,000 Shot List: Procedures and setup: Operator license/shooter: Randy Jensen * CURRENT OK Display Retailer:
IINSPECTOR: SITE SPECIFIC COMMENTS (Shot Location- South of field on Practice Field): -At least one CSFD OFM representative will be present & on hand prior to event for inspection. -CSFD OFM will verify that a 280' diameter "red zone" is fenced off to spectators. A minimum of two water fire extinguishers shall be on hand in the shoot area. (note, the 280' dia zone as declared on this application is the minimum req'd diameter per NFPA 1123, for 2" max shells). (NOTE; Applicant has declared a 140' radius / 280' dia Zone, but the applicant has NOT specifically declared the size of shells to be fired. Please note that the 280' dia zone as declared is the minimum clearance for 2" shells MAXIMUM per NFPA 1123). -The designated landing area shall not be within 100 feet of tents, canopies and membrane structures. Tents and play area shall be disassembled prior to show. There shall be no ground display pieces. NFPA 1123- 3.2.2. Exception No 2: All roman candles and multishot devices (if used) shall have the separation distance of 125 ft or 70 ft/in of tube diameter, whichever is greater. -Vegetation (unless recently irrigated, i.e Golf Courses) and combustibles shall be cleared and maintained out of the fallout display area. Applicant to search and clean fallout area next day in daylight. -Combustible materials within the designated landing area shall be treated or coated with a flame retardant/flame resistant material. Treatments used to render materials flame resistant/retardant shall be renewed as often as necessary to maintain the materials flame resistance. Coatings shall be in accordance with nationally recognized standards.
Attention ATTENTION***************** ATTENTION **** SPOTTERS * Permit Application/Plan submittals shall include a description of safety procedures subject to the CSFD approval. * Support personnel shall comply with NFPA 1123, 7.6.4 and 8.1 One or more spotters shall watch the flight and behaviour of aerial shells and other aerial fireworks to verify that they are functioning as intended. If any unsafe condition is detected, such as hazardous debris falling into the audience, the spotter shall signal the shooter to cease firing until the unsafe condition is corrected. The spotters shall be in direct communication with the shooter during the conduct of the display. Operators or assistants shall us only flashlights, electric lighting, or other nonincendive illumination such as chemical luminescent devices for illuminating the firing and ready box area. During the display, approved support personnel shall be positioned visually observe the roofs of any structures with the fallout area. The approved support personnel shall be in communication with the shooter and the fire department assigned to the display. During the display, two way voice communication shall be present on site from which fireworks and other pyrotechnic material are being discharged, with communication between each shooter, the operator and life safety personnel.
FYINFPA 1123- 3.3.2 and 3.3.3 Spectators, unauthorized vehicles, watercraft, Fire protection personnel, EM response personnel and their vehicles, or combustible materials shall not be located within the fallout area during the display or shall remain at or beyond the perimeter of the display site during the firing of the display.
FYIOutdoor storage of all pyrotechnic material is required to be stored in a magazine and secured. Pyrotechnic special effects material s which is to be stored outdoors shall be stored in a type 2 or 4 magazine. When Type 4 magazine is used for outdoor storage, such storage shall be in a constantly attended location or, if unattended, shall have wheels removed or the magazine immobilized by kingpin locking device or by other approved security measures.
IIf high winds or adverse weather conditions creates a danger, the display shall be postponed until weather conditions are acceptable to the CSFD or may be cancelled.
FYIGENERAL After delivery to the display site, fireworks must never be left unattended and must be protected from theft, damage, moisture, and unauthorized persons. The public shall be kept a minimum of 50' from the fireworks. Fire protection may be required in the form of portable fire extinguishers in the discharge area and standby fire apparatus for protection down range. The trajectory of aerial shells shall be arranged such that a minimum clearance of 25 feet is maintained from potential obstructions (including overhead obstructions). The operator shall employ monitors whose sole duty shall be the enforcement of crowd control around the display area. The operator is required to install rope barriers, fences, or other devices around the display area to aid in crowd control. Unauthorized persons shall not be allowed to enter the discharge site until the pyrotechnic operator has inspected the site after the display. Display operators shall use only flashlights or electric lighting for illumination. Smoking and use of open flames are prohibited in the storage area. "NO SMOKING OR OPEN FLAME signs shall be conspicuously posted (NFPA recommendation - No smoking within 50 feet of fireworks or pyrotechnic materials). The entire firing range shall be inspected immediately following a display and prior to allowing public access for the purpose of locating unexploded aerial shells. Such shells shall not be handled within 15 minutes of their firing. Shells shall be doused with water, allowed to stand for not less than 5 minutes and placed in a bucket of water. When the entire range cannot be thoroughly inspected due to darkness, the site shall be re-inspected the following morning. The pyrotechnic operator shall keep a record of aerial shells that fail to ignite or fail to function.
FYIELECTRICAL ELECTRICAL FIRING UNIT SHALL BE A MINIMUM OF 75 FEET AWAY FROM MORTARS Electrical wiring shall be prevented from contacting metal objects, which are in contact with the ground. AC powered electrical firing units shall be isolated from the power source using an isolation transformer. Electrical firing units shall require operation of a key operated switch or other similar device to prevent unauthorized operation. A hand held electrical firing unit may be used only during the display. Manually activated electrical firing units shall require two or more distinct actions to apply electric current to an electric match. Automatic sequencing type electrical firing units shall include a momentary contact switch that must be manually held open to cause current to fire the electric match and will immediately disconnect current to all electric matches upon release. NFPA 6.1.3. Where only electrical ignition is used, the operator and all assistants shall be positioned a minimum of 75 feet from any mortar or behind a protective barrier.
FYICERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE -The certificate of insurance is for an amount sufficent to cover the requirements as outlined in 2009 IFC 3301.2.4.2 (as amended): Certificate of insurance that shows commercial general liability with minimum available limits of: -$2,000,000 general aggregate -$1,000,000 products and completed operative aggregate -$1,000,000 each occurance -Comprehensive automobile liability with minimum limits of $1,000,000 per occurance -Workers Compensation and employers liability as required by statute. Employer's liability coverage is to be carried for a minimum of $100,000. -The insurance shall cover all operations involving fireworks and any vehicles used for the transportation or storage of fireworks, bodiliy injury liability and property liability for the purpose of payment of any damages to persons or property which arise from, or are caused by, the conduct of an act authorized by the permit upon which a judicial judgement results. The insurance shall also provide protection for property damage resulting from fireworks or explosion. The certificate of insurance shall guarantee 30 days written notice to the chief of the fire department in the event of policy cancellation for any reason. -The certificate of insurance shall list the Colorado Springs Fire Department as An Additional Insured. -The attached Certificate of Insurance shows acceptable limits of coverage and lists the CSFD as an additional insured.


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