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 System plans must be picked up within 30 days. All system plans left longer than 30 days will be discarded as abandoned.


Review DateStatusComment(s)
6/26/2013 FYIRESUBMITTED: The plans have been re-submitted, and the disapproved issues have been addressed as follows: **PLEASE NOTE** ALL COMMENTS FOUND ON PREVIOUS PLAN REVIEWS REMAIN ENFORCEABLE UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED IN THIS REVIEW. 1) Tank specifications, site plan, vehicle protection have been submitted. OK. SEE ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS 376 gallon diesel AST; double wall UL 142 listed integral tank. Cummins 2) vehicle protection shown
6/24/2013 FYIBass Pro Shops, 13012 Bass Pro Drive: new outdoor store SYSTEMS: fire sprinkler for area; fire alarm for occupancy CN:Code: 09 IBC - 09 IFC - 11 PPRBC /Class: M/ Const: II-B /Stories:1 /Size: 119,640 /OL: TBD FH:Required Flow:3750 gpm /# Hydrants /4 On site flow: TBD FH-1: main extension only FH-2: Utility service for building - building provided with TWO fire lines! DV: Proposing a 117,000sf retail store, restaurant and family fun center. GENERATOR DIESEL AST INSTALLATION PERMIT 396 GAL You can access our web site for the latest fire department plan review comments: 1. From, select PLAN REVIEW then FIND PLANS next COLORADO SPRINGS 2. Scroll down to the correct address. You may then select APPROVED/DISAPPROVED to view comments associated with that particular project.
FYIGENERATOR: is a MODEL fueled by diesel.
AttentionCLEARANCES: The tank must be located a minimum of 15 feet from the a property line that is or can be built upon, including the opposite side of a public way and 5 feet from the exterior of a building. ****ATTENTION Per NFPA 110, Chapter 7, a minimum of 3 foot clearance free of any obstructions shall be provided around the generator. ENSURE these distances are met.
DisapprovedTANK Tank Description: O Contents: DIESEL Type of containment: CONTRACTOR: BIBLE ELECTRIC EXTERIOR LOCATION *** Class II combusitble liquid *** DEFICICIENT SUBMITTAL. Plan reviewer contact Bible Electric and notified that no information regarding generator/tank specifications was provided. Drawings or mfgr spec sheets are acceptable. See CSFD checklist for needed information. Please resubmit this information. Also, no vehicle protection was noted in submittal. Per Mr. Lutein, Bollards will be provided per IFC specifications. Per Mr. Lutein of Bible, he will gather the necessary information and submit. Plans are disapproved at this time.
DisapprovedProvide for vehicle protection of tank in one of the following forms: 1) Provide Bollards- concrete filled Steel, Schedule 40, 4 inches outer diameter buried a minimum of 3 ft underground, extending a minimum of 3 ft above grade spaced at a minimum of 4 ft on center. Shall be anchored in a concrete foundation 15" diameter x 3 feet deep. Bollards shall be spaced away from the tank a distance equal or greater than their height above grade. Bollards shall not be more than 4 feet on-center. 2) Provide Concrete Road Barriers (Jersey Barriers) as approved by the Fire Code Inspector (4' apart, 4' from tanks. See 2003 IFC Section 312.3 for height and impact resistivity requirements). 3) CMU Block Screen Walls may be an acceptable method of vehicular protection. When CMU screen walls are considered for vehicular protection, they shall be proven to meet the height/impact resistivity requirements of 2003 IFC Section 312. *Standard traffic curbs are not recognized by the Fire Code as an acceptable method of vehicular protection.
FYIApplication for permit to the Colorado Div. of Oil and Public Safety was provided.
FYIBATTERIES Declared amount of electrolyte: = 1.85 gallons (2 batteries) This quantity of electrolyte solution DOES NOT exceed the permit quantity (100 gal) as defined in Sections 105 and 608 of the 2009 IFC as amended. The general provisions required by 2009 IFC Chapters 27 and 31 (Sections 2701, 2703 and 3101) in addition to the comments included in this review with respect to secondary containment, spill control and the neutralization of this material upon release.
IPlease contact the Div of the Fire Marshal @ 719 385-5978 to arrange for a hazmat tank installation permit inspection. Fire Inspection approval is required prior to filling of a tank.
AttentionTank Location: This tank is located EXTERIOR of the building
AttentionTank venting, piping, and valving shall comply with 2009 IFC Chapter 34 as allowed and applicable to the materials and methods chosen. Emergency shutoff valves (in installed piping runs) shall consist of a 1/4-turn valve approx 5' from the tank, and a 1/4-turn valve approx 5' from the use point. These valves shall be labelled such that they are easily identifiable. Emergency shutoff valves that are installed as part of a complete turn-key assembly (such as a generator) shall have a clearly identified fuel shut-off. **LABEL ALL EMERGENCY SHUT OFF VALVES: IDENTIFY PURPOSE OF VALVE, DIRECTION OF TURNOFF.
FYIIndividual storage tanks containing Class I, II, or IIIA liquids shall be placarded in accordance with NFPA 704.
FYIIFC 2009, AS AMENDED EMERGENCY AND STANDBY POWER SYSTEMS CHAPTER 6 **** Emergency and standby power systems shall be installed in accordance with the ICC Electrical Code, NFPA 110 and NFPA 111. Existing installations shall be maintained in accordance with the original approval. **** Stationary emergency and standby power generators required by this code shall be listed in accordance with UL 2200.
AttentionIDENTIFY EMERGENCY SHUT OFF/ SHUT DOWN Clearly identify and label shutoff and shutdown at generator or alarm panels, as provided for this system, and as applicable.
FYIALL PIPING from tank shall be labeled in accordance with ANSI A13.1 requirements.
FYI Signs shall be posted prohibiting open flames and smoking.
FYI{AST} Vent pipes shall be extended to a safe outdoor location and equipped iwth approved flame arrestors.
FYITank vents shall not be manifolded.
FYIA minimum 20B rated fire extinguisher shall be located no closer than 10 feet to the storage tank and no farther than 50 feet. A single fire extinguisher may provide coverage for more than one tank but the minimum and maximum travel distances shall be achieved. ** provide a fire extinguisher compliant with above.
FYIThe storage, use and/or dispensing of hazardous liquids shall be in accordance with all applicable provisions of the 2009 International Fire Code including (but not limited to) Chapters 22, 27, and 34 and the applicable provisions of NFPA Standards 30, 37, and 110.


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