Fleet Division is 26th greenest fleet in the nation
The City of Colorado Springs Fleet Management Division who is responsible for maintaining all City and Springs Utilities vehicles received high ranking in October as a top government green fleet, ranked 26th in the nation.
The Government Green Fleet Award is open to all Federal, State, and local government fleets in North America and is supported by the Clean Cities Coalition. It functions as an assessment standard that serves as a foundation for implementing greener fleet practices. Here are some green facts about the joint fleet division:
  • The City and Colorado Springs Utilities currently own 37 hybrid and 164 flex-fuel vehicles.
  • Biodiesel currently makes up 32% of the fuel used by the City and Colorado Springs Utilities.
  • In October, the City began piloting a vehicle pool program at the City Administration Building that will increase vehicle fuel efficiency.
  • The fleet recycles antifreeze, scrap metal, oil and oil filters, fuel, lead acid batteries, Freon, refrigerant and tires.
Last year, 2009, was the first year that the City Fleet Division applied for the award, when it was ranked 23rd in the nation. Given the financial reality of 2010, Fleet Division Manager Tom Monarco has had to balance sensitivity to the environment with significant funding constraints. For example, one of the challenges negatively impacting green fleet efforts is the expiration of the $1/per gallon biodiesel tax credit that occurred at the end of 2009. Yet, Monarco feels that despite circumstances the fleet division has been able to hold its own and believes the division will be able to achieve more in the coming year.
The Government Green Fleet Award evaluation categories consider:
  1. Fleet Composition - Current fleet composition of conventional fueled (gas & diesel) vehicles versus hybrid, electric, and alternative fuels vehicles.
  2. Fuel & Emissions - Use of renewable and alternative sources of energy versus conventional fuel, as well as, efforts to clean up on and off road diesel equipment.  
  3. Policy & Planning - Future planning for the environmental role of the fleet, including budgeting for and purchasing green technologies.
  4. Fleet Utilization - Not only how the fleet is used, but how it determines what size vehicle is appropriate for a given job classification, plus the incorporation of loan pool and car sharing programs.
  5. Education - Learning about new, quickly-changing technologies.
  6. Executive & Employee Involvement - Efforts to educate others on the advantages of a green fleet, available technologies, and associated costs.
  7. Supporting Programs - Other organization sustainability, or green, initiatives.
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