Residential recycling audit launches at Ecofestival: Watch the Recycling Coalition sort it out!
Dear Recycling Enthusiast:
The Recycling Coalition of Colorado Springs is Talking Trash - and we need your help! On Saturday, Aug. 28, we are launching a year-long effort to conduct several residential waste audits in our community. We need volunteers to help us sort through trash samples to see what our community could be recycling. Can you help? Here are the details for our first activity:
What: Recycling education event at the Pikes Peak Ecofestival
When: Saturday, August 28, beginning at 9:30 AM - 12 PM
Where: Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site, adjacent to Garden of the Gods Park
What to Wear: Jeans, long-sleeved shirt, heavy boots, safety glasses (f you have them), your own water bottle, a garden rake or shovel, hat and sunscreen (prepare for weather)
Who to contact: Jane Ard-Smith, janeardsmith@comcast.net, 351-2584.
Why This Is Important: Help us determine what items are being sent to a landfill that could be recycled. You?ll also help us figure out how much potential recycling we generate in Colorado Springs.
Volunteers must be at least 18 years old. We'll provide gloves, training, and our undying gratitude. Can't help on the 28th? We'll be conducting similar audits throughout the coming months - contact Jane Ard-Smith, janeardsmith@comcast.net, 351-2584, for more information.


Why volunteer?

  • According to the most recent 2007 data, El Paso County residents recycled significantly less paper (67.8 pounds per person, per year) than the average Coloradan (119.7 pounds per person, per year), 2009 Pikes Peak United Way Quality of Life Indicators Report.
  • Recycling conserves natural resources and energy. In fact, energy savings resulting from recycling in Colorado during 2008 totaled approximately 35 trillion BTUs. That?s equivalent to removing nearly 350,000 average homes off the grid (2009 Annual Report to the Colorado General Assembly on the Status of the Solid Waste and Material Management Program In Colorado.)
  • All trash and recycling providers in Colorado Springs, and most in outlying areas, now offer single-stream (no sorting required), curb-side residential recycling. Although it currently costs a few bucks per month more, ordering it is generally a simple matter of calling your current trash provider and ordering the service. (Tip: to stay cost-neutral ask about getting your trash picked up less often.)
  • Many people don't know that single-stream recyclable materials include: plastics 1-7, cardboard, paper, steel, aluminum, and glass.
  • The items most often recycled in our community that shouldn?t be are styrofoam and plastic bags (even if they have a recycle symbol on them).
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