Looking to Our Future: Pikes Peak Region 2030

Sustainability is not a new concept for the Pikes Peak region: the seeds of sustainability can be found in the Victory Gardens that grew in our community during World War II. Utilizing creative minds, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a supportive community, excellent work in the realm of sustainability is being accomplished locally by the region’s cities and counties, universities and colleges, and nonprofit groups.  The largest military installation in the state, Fort Carson, hasset substantial sustainability goalsto achieve a “net zero” designation as an entire installation for energy, water, and waste.  At its very core, sustainability is about each and every one of us - our relationship to ourselves, our mission, our community and our environment. It reaches deeply into all corners of life on and off post, and beyond. Our goals demonstrate our responsibility and commitment to taking care of the total Army Family and neighboring communities.  Col. Robert F. McLaughlin, Garrison Commander, Fort Carson Sustainability Report, 2010.  Seeking to complement the efforts of Fort Carson on a regional scale, PPACG spearheaded a cooperative sustainability effort that began in August 2010. Volunteers, professionals, and community leaders from nearly 100 organizations donated thousands of hours to create a long-term sustainability strategy for El Paso and Teller counties.  The plan focuses on “stretch goals” and the high-level strategies needed to achieve those goals. Stretch goals push everyone to move beyond what is currently being done. They can only be achieved if substantially new ideas, approaches, and strategies are pursued.  The plan is broken into multiple sections: agriculture, arts and culture, built and natural environment (including air quality and water quality), economic development, education, energy, health, materials management and procurement, transportation, and water quantity.  Each section has its own narrative, goal statements, and strategies.
The plan IS…
A comprehensive approach to sustainability – the intent is to ensure that decision-making processes take into account all of the interrelated items. Fundamentally it is about stakeholders, governments, businesses, and communities collaborating for a better future for the Pikes Peak region.
The plan is NOT…
A mandate for any local government, institution, business, or individual. Rather, it is a nonbinding blueprint to achieve a sustainable future. In developing the plan, the participants recognized that respect for personal and property rights is a core value for our community. Thus, the intent of this guide is to expand the choices and options for all citizens and for our community, now and in the future.  The final plan, "Looking to Our Future: Pikes Peak Region 2030," was completed in April 2012. Download a PDF of the plan hereand its appendices here.  Link to full 17-minute video here.  Link to 5-minute video here.

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