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Power Loss Tips

Storms, fires and other emergencies may damage or disrupt electrical lines and systems, leaving you without power for up to several days. Electrical outages can impact persons with hearing impairments and others with special needs. This can be life threatening to someone who relies on power to sustain life-support equipment.

Empower your family by preparing your home for a potential loss of power by taking simple steps.  Items to include in your emergency supply kit are:

  • Hand-crank flashlights not only provide immediate light but also will offer psychological comfort.
  • Lightsticks provide an excellent source of emergency light and do not require electricity or batteries to operate.
  • Emergency power supplies such as extra batteries for hearing aids, TDDs, wheelchairs or a generator for life-safety equipment are essential.
  • Hand-crank radios help you access emergency instructions and reliable information.  Many hand-crank radios also contain a high-intensity light and cell phone charger. 
  • Batteries for battery-operated radios and flashlights should be checked every six months.

Emergency/Evacuation Tips