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Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping provides two primary benefits to the City. The more obvious benefit is the collection and removal of paper, leaves, and other visible debris that collect in the gutters. This debris can block storm water facilities, causing localized flooding during heavy rains. An equally important, but less visible benefit is the removal of metal particles and other hazardous waste products left by passing vehicles. Although they are virtually invisible, these particles can be extremely harmful to fish and other wildlife if they reach our creeks and rivers. Street sweeping is an effective method of removing both the large and microscopic pollutants that collect on City streets. This sweeping also serves as one of our Best Management Practices (BMP) to control and improve water quality. Motorized sweeping removes an average of 220,000 lbs. of debris from the street before it goes into the storm drains.
The Streets Division sweeps major arterial streets on average of at least once a month. In residential areas, roads are swept on average of twice a year. During winter months after a snowstorm, our goal is to sweep anti-skid in the quickest most efficient way possible.
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How and why the streets of Colorado Springs are kept clean. It's more than aesthetics. It's vital to the stormwater system as well as the overall appearance of the city.

Drainage Mitigation
The problems of storm water and the destruction that can accompany storms is still with us. Our sweeping program is the City’s first line of defense for keeping our storm drains and lines clean and free of potential blocking by leaves trash and other debris.

Throwing leaves and grass clippings into washouts along the creek affects erosion control and only adds to the problem or causes a bigger problem. 

We are asking citizens to come together with the City to intensify our efforts to clean up leaf debris, and as a community, help our storm system stay clean and problem free.  In the fall, citizens are invited to join forces with our division to eliminate excessive leaf debris by participating in a leaf mitigation program. This program is weather dependant as participating division personnel are also your snow plow drivers!  Please visit the City's event calendar in the fall to identify activity dates.