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City of Colorado Springs / Housing Development / Programs and Services / Transit Pass Grant Program

Transit Pass Grant Program

The Transit Pass Grant Program award money has been expended for the year 2014.


The City of Colorado Springs, Housing Development Division (HDD), makes grants available to offset the cost of One-Ride bus passes to agencies that serve homeless persons or low income persons at risk of becoming homeless. $18,000 is available for distribution in 2014.  This funding will be allocated through an application process.

Requirements and Eligibility

  • Agency must be a non-profit 501(c) (3) or 509(a) that provides assistance to low income or homeless individuals. Agency must serve residents of Colorado Springs and must provide case management services to clients.
  • Applications are accepted January through December of each calendar year. Funds are awarded to eligible organizations on a first come first serve basis until funds are exhausted.
  • City will award 50% of the cost of bus passes up to a maximum grant of $3,500. The City will determine the actual grant award. Agencies should only request funding for the number of passes they reasonably expect to use. Agencies may apply for funding for passes already purchased in the same year.
  • Agencies may submit multiple requests throughout the year, but the maximum amount funded to any agency will not exceed $3,500.
  • Bus Passes must be purchased directly through Mountain Metropolitan Transit, at full cost, and cannot be purchased at a kiosk. Mountain Metropolitan Transit is located at: 1015 Transit Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. Phone: 719-385-RIDE.
  • Bus passes must be used by clients for the purpose of fulfilling activities in their case management plans (i.e., employment related transportation, job training, child care, counseling, medical appointments, etc.).
  • Bus Passes must be distributed at no charge to clients. Passes shall not be resold. Passes shall not be distributed as a benefit or sold at a discount to any employee or volunteer of the participating agency, unless said individual is a qualifying client of the agency.
  • Funds must be expended in the calendar year they are awarded. Failure to fully expend a grant award or misuse of bus passes could result in disqualification from the program.


  • Grants are distributed on a reimbursement basis. Agencies will receive a reimbursement form with their notice of award.
  • Agencies must submit the form and a receipt for the bus passes acquired through Mountain Metropolitan Transit. The receipt should include the lot numbers for the bus passes purchased. (The City uses the lot numbers to track where rides are originating and to ensure passes are being used.)
  • City will reimburse 50% of the cost up to the grant amount awarded to the agency. Please allow thirty (30) days for reimbursement.

Please submit the receipt and supporting documentation no later than December 1 to:

City of Colorado Springs

Housing Development Division

30 S. Nevada Avenue, Suite 604

Colorado Springs, CO

Attn: Elena Lobato


Or submit the documentation electronically to:


  • Agencies must maintain a record of distribution of the bus passes which should include the client’s first and last name or agency reference number and purpose for the bus pass.
  • Agencies are required to provide an annual report to HDD which includes a summary of the total usage by clients and purpose for usage. The report is due no later than January 15 of the year following the grant award. Future grant funds will not be awarded until the report is received.


Please submit to the Housing Development Division a letter of interest (recommended length not to exceed two pages, 10pt font) including the following information:

  • Agency Name
  • Program Name (if applicable)
  • Agency Address (with City, State and Zip)
  • Primary Contact Person Name, Title, Email and Phone
  • Amount of grant dollars requested (up to $3,500.00)  
  • Brief Program Description.

Please include:

  • How clients are identified
  • Number of clients served
  • Description of case management services
  • Amount of grant dollars requested


Please send the completed letter via email to  Please direct questions to Elena Lobato at 719.385.5608.