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Waldo Canyon Fire: Post Fire Flood Risk Assessment/Information


 Waldo Canyon Post Fire Flood Risk Map Viewer


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Waldo Canyon Fire Information Map


This map will NOT save your life, property, or public health.

Citizens must take personal responsibility for protecting their own safety during flash flood occurrences.

Any property downstream of a burned area has risk.

This product is intended for planning purposes only.  Post-fire conditions have elevated the flood threat, including areas that are not yet mapped.  Other low lying areas may be threatened.  Please contact your insurance agent or visit  to evaluate your insurance protection options.

The post-fire BAER team (citation) has indicated that potential water and sediment flow from the burn area may have increased by 350%.  This site will include additional information regarding post fire hazards as it becomes available.

Note:  To activate the legend, click on the “Show Map Legend” icon located to the upper left of the map. 



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