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Intermodal Transportation Plan

Intermodal Transportation Plan Logo
Intermodal Transportation Plan Logo

The City of Colorado Springs Intermodal Transportation Plan (ITP) is part of a continuing effort to enhance the transportation system for the City of Colorado Springs and to develop a comprehensive approach to transportation planning and was adopted by City Council On April 10, 2001. The ITP is a compilation and update of existing facilities master plans - the Major Thoroughfare Plan, the Truck Route Plan, the Transit Plan, and the Bicycle Plan, and is a plan for travel demand management (TDM) programs and pedestrian facilities. By bringing these plans together under a common set of goals and objectives, and by integrating citizen involvement and land use implications, the ITP forms a new comprehensive foundation upon which City transportation agencies will function.

The ITP is divided into several sections. Sections 1 through 3 contain an introduction to the plan, an exploration of key trends and public sentiment affecting transportation planning and a statement of goals and objectives for the ITP. Sections 4 through 9 separately address each of five transportation modes - roadways, freight, transportation demand management, transit, bicycles, and pedestrians. Sections 10 and 11 discuss the implications of land use decisions on the transportation system and the specifics of implementing the ITP.

The ITP includes a series of maps that illustrate points made in the text and specify the classification and use of roadways, trails, and other transportation facilities in the City. These maps are attached as a separate document in the ITP Document Library. 

Since 2001, several amendments to the ITP have been adopted and are also included in this document library.

Updated Intermodal Transportation Plan Map

PDF - Intermodal Transportation Plan   INTERMODAL TRANSPORTATION PLANspacer(13379.5KB)
ITP Final (4-10-01).pdf

Original ITP document, dated April 10, 2001

PDF - Updated Major Thoroughfare Plan   UPDATED MAJOR THOROUGHFARE PLANspacer(607.8KB)

Update to the Major Thoroughfare Plan, dated September 11, 2006

PDF - Garden of the Gods Corridor Study   GARDEN OF THE GODS CORRIDOR STUDYspacer(216.5KB)
ORD 02-118_GardenGodsCorridor.pdf

Ordinance 02-118 incorporates the recommendations of the Garden of the Gods Corridor Study into the ITP.

PDF - East-West Mobility Study   EAST-WEST MOBILITY STUDYspacer(1694.3KB)
ORD 02-120_EWMS.pdf

Ordinance 02-120 incorporates the recommendations of the East-West Mobility Study into the ITP.

PDF - South Metro Accessibility Study   SOUTH METRO ACCESSIBILITY STUDYspacer(249.5KB)
ORD 04-172_SouthMetro.pdf

Ordinance 04-172 incorporates the recommendations of the South Metro Accessibility Study into the ITP.

PDF - Rapid Transit System Master Plan   RAPID TRANSIT SYSTEM MASTER PLANspacer(552.7KB)
ORD 04-176_RapidTransit.pdf

Ordinance 04-176 adds the Rapid Transit Master Plan into the ITP

PDF - Regional 2025 Long-Range Public Transportation Plan   REGIONAL 2025 LONG-RANGE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION PLANspacer(1348.1KB)
ORD 04-28_Regional2025PTP.pdf

Ordinance 04-28 incorporates the Regional 2025 Public Transportation Plan into the ITP.

PDF - Complete Streets and Use of Roundabouts   COMPLETE STREETS AND USE OF ROUNDABOUTSspacer(466.7KB)
ORD 05-196_CompleteStreets.pdf

Ordinance 05-196 updated the Major Thoroughfare Plan and incorporated recommendations on "Complete Streets" and the use of roundabouts into the ITP.

PDF - Truck Route Plan and Freight Element Section update   TRUCK ROUTE PLAN AND FREIGHT ELEMENT SECTION UPDATEspacer(528.2KB)

Ordinance 09-118 incorporates extensive changes to the City's truck route plan and map, and amends the Freight Element section of the ITP to add a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement process, mitigation of truck traffic on truck routes and language concerning truck parking.

PDF - Amendment to City Code re Air Compression Brakes   AMENDMENT TO CITY CODE RE AIR COMPRESSION BRAKESspacer(219.8KB)

The ITP addressed the use of air compression brakes ("jake brakes"). Council adopted CTAB's recommendation to prohibit their use within City limits, unless otherwise posted by the City Traffic Engineer. This required a change to City Code.

PDF - Amendment to City Code Pertaining to Truck Route Zones   AMENDMENT TO CITY CODE PERTAINING TO TRUCK ROUTE ZONESspacer(268.4KB)

Another CTAB recommendation regarding the City's Truck Route Map and operation of trucks created truck route zones, to allow more direct travel from a designated truck route to a destination not located on a truck route. This also required a change to City Code.

PDF - Major Thoroughfare Plan   MAJOR THOROUGHFARE PLANspacer(687KB)
Most Recent ITP Map Updated 2011.pdf