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14-09 Drake Scrubber Audit Report
The purpose of this audit was to review the control framework that was in  place ot manage the sulfur dioxide scrubber project as construction occrred at the Martin Drake Power Plant Units 6 and 7 in 2013.   (Posted 4/2/2014)

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14-07  City Council Travel Reimbursement Audit Report
As directed by City Council at the Work Session doncudted on July 8, 3024, an audit of City Council's travel reimbursements was conducted. The scope of this audit included expenditures charged to the car mileage, meeting expense, and out-of-town trael accounts.  (Posted 4/2/2014)

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14-06  Housing Development Division Audit Report
The purpose of this audit was to review the internal controls related to planning, oversight, and reporting processes for grant funds at a high level. Our review period included activities related to the 2009-2012 grant program years through June 30, 2013.  (Posted 4/2/2014)

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14-08 Water Shortage Tariff Report 
The objective of our review was to determine that the proposed changes to the water shortage tariff comply with Executive Limitations 10 and 12.  Limitation 10 requires protection of water resources.  Limitation 12 requires rates that are just, reasonable, sufficient, and not unduly discriminatory.  (Posted 3/21/2014)

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14-05 Colorado Springs Utilities Annual External Report on Executive Limitation 11 - Enterprise Risk Management
The purpose of this high level review was to determine whether Colorado Springs Utilities and the Chief Executive Officer complied with Executive Limitation (EL) 11 Enterprise Risk Management. In addition to verifying management's reports dated August 14, 2013, and February 17, 2014, our objestives included assurance that any known violations were reported to the Utilities Board.  (Posted 3/14/2014)

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14-04 City of Colorado Springs and Colorado Springs Claims Reserve and Workers' Compensation Funds Audit
The purpose of this audit was to review the General Liability Claims Reserve and Workers' Compensation Self Insurance Funds to determine whether proper underwirting techniques, sound funding procedures, loss reserves, claims procedures, and accounting practices were being accomplished in a prudent and reasonable manner.  (Posted 2/28/2014)

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14-03 Colorado Springs Utilities 2013 Southern Delivery System Monitoring Report
The Office of the City Auditor (OCA) provides auditing and continuous monitoring of Southern Delivery System (SDS) for compliance with applicable laws, regulations and governmental agreements. The audit period for the report was 2013. The OCA intends to provide an annual report on the project until it is completed. (Posted 2/28/2014)

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14-02 Colorado Springs Utilities Gas and Electric Cost Adjustment
The purpose of this audit was to evaluate whether Colorado Springs Utilities prepared the Gas Cost Adjustment (GCA) and the Electric Cost Adjustment (ECA) in accordance with the approved tariffs. The methodology was compared to prior filings for consistency, and calculations were tested for accuracy.  (Posted 2/21/2014)

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14-01 Colorado Springs Utilities Credit and Collection Audit
The purpose of this audit was to evaluate whether Colorado Springs Utilities was abiding by the internal policies and procedures established for credit and collection activities while adequately safeguarding resources. An additional audit objective was to determine that credit and collection activities were efficient, effective and consistent with industry best practices.  (Posted 1/31/2014)

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