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Other Videos

Discover Parks
Live the Legacy: Colorado Springs Century Parks 2007 was the 100th Anniversary for Several Prominent Parks.
Colorado Springs Parks: History & Overview A Brief History and Organizational Overview of Your Parks System.
Mt. Cutler Hiking Trail The Lesser-Known But Equally Beautiful Neighbor of N. Cheyenne Canon.
Blodgett Peak Located at the Top of Woodmen Valley, This Park is Worth Drive.
Memorial Park Ballfields, an Ice Rink, Playgrounds, a Pool, a Lake and Now a Skate Park. This Park Has It All!
Rock Ledge Ranch Orchard House Built By General Palmer, This House is a Glimpse into a By-Gone Era.
North Cheyenne Canon Known Nation Wide, This Park is Popular With Climbers and Hikers.
Pulpit Rock A Stately Sanctury in The Middle of Town With an Incredible View.
Redrock Canyon 15 Miles of Trails, Easy to Technical withAmazing Views. A Local Secret.
Palmer Park 360 Degrees Views and World-Class Mtn. Biking in the Middle of Town.
Monument Valley Downtown's Creek-Side Park. Pool, Picnic Gazebos and Miles of Easy Trail.
Garden of the Gods World Famous. As Much a Natural Wonder as a Park. Simply Amazing.
Ute Valley Park The North West Side's Best Kept Secret. Wetlands, Hiking and Quiet...
Other Parks Videos
North Slope Recreation Area The North Slope Recreation Area Offers Amazing Activities in Shadow of Pikes Peak. Available To All, Used By Few. Discover It Today.
The Colorado Springs Senior Center So Much More Than You'd Think! This Vibrant Center Keeps the Respected Members of Our Community Busy With Dancing, Yoga, Arts, Pottery, Computer Classes, Field Trips, Speed Dating and Much More.
Dedication of the Julie Penrose Fountain at America the Beautiful Park The Julie Penrose is the Biggest Installation of Public Art in Colorado Springs History. Watch the Dedication Ceremony Now.
Therapeutic Recreation Program The Therapeutic Recreation Program Provides Opportunities For Citizens With Disabilities to Enjoy Recreation Activities They Wouldn't Otherwise Be Able To. This Video Showcases a Dogsledding Trip.
Tracks of Time: Fossils in Red Rock Canyon Red Rock Canyon is Home to All Things Colorado Recreation. But it's also a Paleontology Classroom.
Pioneers Museum The Pioneer Museum is the Region's Premiere Historical Museum. This Video is a Sample of What Awaits You.
City Kidders
City Kidders - Episode1 A kid's view of the City of Colorado Springs. This kids show covers everything from City Council to Parks and Recreation.
City Kidders - Episode 2 A kid's view of the City of Colorado Springs. This edition covers staying out of ditches, taking care of our parks, helmet safety and where to swim in the City.
City Kidders - Episode 3 Take a 360 degree tour of Memorial Park, learn how to stay safe in the internet with McGruff the Crime Dog, and go back in time to learn how City Hall wasn't much different than today.
Pikes Peak Highway
Pikes Peak Highway A Brief Overview of the Highest Paved Road in the USA.
Pikes Peak is Home to a Rich Diversity of Wildlife.
The Ulitmate Challenge Pikes Peak World Famous for its Recreation Opportunities.
America's Mountain Beloved By Many and the Inspiration For : "America the Beautiful."
Aware & Prepare
Prepare Your Mind What Would You Do in an Emergency. Start With a Plan!
Prepare Your Home In an Emergency Having the Right Supplies Makes All the Difference.
Prepare Your Car You're Not Always Home When Emergency Strikes. So Stock Your Car!
Aware 1 Be Alert, Be Ready.
Aware 2 Be Alert, Be Ready.
CSPD Recruitment
CSPD: Vision For the Future Chief Richard Myers talks about his vision for the future of the Colorado Springs Police Department
CSPD Second Careers The Colorado Springs Police Department is a great place to begin a second career, especially for those with military experience.
Roll Call: Assignments With the CSPD Being a Police Officer Doesn't Mean Being a Beat Cop. Check Out Some of the Assignments Offered at the CSPD.
A Tradtion of Excellence: The History of the CSPD A Look Back at the Making of a World-Class Police Department.
Officer Pastimes One of the Many Benefits of Working For the CSPD is Living and Recreating in Colorado Springs.
Academy Life Here's a Glimpse of What New Recruits Can Expect at the CSPD Academy.
Other Videos
All About Roundabouts So Many Roundabouts Popping Up These Days. But How Do You Drive Through Them Safely? Here's How! Watch and Learn.
Easy Park: A Better Way to Pay For Parking Easy Park is the New System to Pay For Parking Downtown. It's Efficient, Easy and Saves You Money. Here's How it Works.
Wild About the Springs: Living With Wildlife Being Close to Wildlife is One of the Major Benefits to Living in Colorado Springs. But There's Some Things To Know In Order to Stay Safe.
Pruning Places: FireWise Edition Keeping Your Home Safe From Wildfire is as Easy as a Weekend of Yard Work. And It Doesn't Require Nearly as Much Cutting as You'd Think. Check Out This Video to See What You Can Do.
Car Seat Safety A Guide That Explains How to Properly Install, Adjust and Use Childrens' Car Seats
Slamming the Door on Internet Fraud Internet Fraud Scams Are Everywhere These Days. Here's Some Tips On How To Protect Yourself.
Colorado Springs Panhandling Ordinance Aggressive Panhandling is Illegal in Colorado Springs, But Solicitation is Not. This Video Describes the Difference.
LED Traffic Lights: Saving You Money Colorado Springs is Transitioning to LED Stoplights. It's a Program That's Environmentally Sound and Economically Logical.
Winter Driving Safety Tips Driving in Inclement Weather Can Be Dangerous. But a Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way to Getting You Home Safely.
City Forestry: Working Hard For You The Office of the City Forester Maintains the Urban Forest and General Palmer's Vision.
Flash Flood Awareness and Safety Storm Drain Ditches and Canals Are No Place to Play. Flash Floods Can Strike Without Warning, Even if it's Not Raining Where You Are.
Everybody Welcome Event The Diversity of Colorado Springs was on display during a colorful parade of culture in August.
PPRTA Update A review of the many miles of concrete repairs that have been made to curbs, gutters and sidwalks through funding from the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority.
Cimarron Bridge The new, reconstructed Cimarron Bridge opens, another example of the PPRTA at work.
Leon's Kids Leon's Kids makes sure that children throughout Colorado Springs have the opportunity to participate in recreational programs.
Colorado Springs, The Fittest City in the United States Men's Fitness Magazine names Colorado Springs the Fittest City in the U.S. Celebrate our healthy lifestyle by enjoying everything the area offers.
Signs For Life The Streets Division's Signs For Life program engages citizens in the community with disabilities to show them how to interpret the street signs they see and more easily navigate the city.
Winter Preparedness Suggested items to keep in your car as a "survival kit" in case a winter storm strands you in your vehicle.
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