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Feature Programs


Feature Programs
Wildlife Awareness The Pikes Peak region enjoys an abundance of fascinating wildlife. Living compatibly with black bear, coyotes, deer and mountain lions just requires a little common sense on the part of the human population.
Continuum - The Julie Penrose Fountain Documentary From design to installation, the story of Continuum, the Julie Penrose Fountain at America the Beautiful Park.
Rock Ledge Ranch: Living History A City Park That Captures Four Eras of Regional History.
Meth: A Social Plaque Methamphetamine is a Vicious Drug That Lays Waste to Lives, the Environment and Economies. It's Affecting You Right Now. Find Out How.
Starsmore Discovery Center Discover the Special History Behind the Starsmore Discovery Center.
Share in the Delight: Uncle Wilber's Fountain How Uncle Wilber's Fountain Came to Be.
America the Beautiful The Life of Katharine Lee Bates and the Composition of "America the Beautiful."
Garden of the Gods: Loved to Death An Examination of Current Conservation Efforts at Garden of the Gods.
Garden of the Gods: Fragile Beauty For All Its Majesty Garden of the Gods is Greatly Affected By Millions of Visitors Every Year.
The Life and Legacy of Winfield Scott Stratton After Striking it Rich in The Gold Rush Stratton Turned His Money to Helping Others and Benefitting His Adopted Home, Colorado Springs.
Continuing the Legacy: Preserving the Urban Forest General Palmer's Vision Was a City of Tree-Lined Streets. The Office of the City Forester Works Daily to Preserve that Vision.
Upstream Downstream: Protecting Our Water There's a few simple things we can all do to help keep our water clean. This short video shows you simple things you can do everyday to start making a positive difference on the environment.
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