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Local Weather Hazards

Most weather hazards are possible within the City of Colorado Springs, but some are more likely to occur than others. The most common hazards are thunderstorms and flash floods, particularly in the spring and summer months. To learn more about specific hazards in the area, follow the links on the side menu.

An important step you can take to prepare yourself and your family for natural disasters is to purchase a NOAA weather radio. These radios can be purchased at most hardware stores for around $30, and will provide you with the latest forecasts and weather information 24 hours a day. 

Emergency supply kits in your home and each vehicle are critical in preparing for Colorado's varying weather.  Storms can cause power loss and preparation is key in dealing with the situation.  The information provided in the following documents will assist you in developing your emergency supplies and plans.

Emergency/Evacuation Tips  

Power Loss Tips


When weather turns bad, stay tuned to the latest news and information through Colorado Springs City Government news sources:




  • Comcast/Century Link Channel 18