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Holiday Spirit, Officers and deputies save Christmas
Monday, December 29, 2014

On Thursday, December 25 2014, at approximately 8:35am, an officer assigned to the Gold Hills Division received a phone call at the Police Operations Center. The caller identified herself as the aunt of an 11 year old boy. She related to the officer that the boy was not receiving any presents for Christmas. She explained the family was having difficulties and couldn’t afford a Christmas. The officer contacted a second officer and the two of them were able to locate a new Wii console and several games. They gift wrapped these items and made plans to deliver them. As it turned out the child’s home address was outside the city limits. The officer met with two El Paso county deputies and delivered the presents. Once at the house the officers and deputies noticed the inside was barren. No decorations, tree or presents were observed. The mother was crying, the father grateful and the young boy ecstatic! Christmas had been saved for this family. The officer was able to call back the aunt and inform her of the successful outcome. She too was emotional and grateful. The officer’s reported it was one of the most satisfying calls they have experienced. The officers involved are Barry Rizk and Bob Eberhardt. Out of respect for the family, they are not being identified at this time