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Improvements to water quality requirements yield results for residents, environment and neighboring communities
Wednesday, December 10, 2014

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—  A construction project is underway at 19th and Dale Street to enlarge and add water quality measures to the existing detention pond located adjacent to the Uintah Gardens Shopping Center. This pond was constructed around 1970 before the importance of water quality was recognized.   Upgrades to the 19th Street detention pond include the installation of a cleanable sediment basin and the installation of a micropool.  The sediment basin captures trash and debris, while the micropool is built with a perforated plate for slow release of storm flows, increasing water quality. Estimated project cost is $400,000.

The City has adopted new requirements on drainage and water quality to address the increasing amount of stormwater runoff during rain events, the 19th Street detention pond is an example of implementation of these new requirements. As the City of Colorado Springs continues to grow and develop, impervious surfaces, such as parking lots, rooftops, and roadways increase the amount of stormwater that may lead to stream channel erosion, an increased level of pollutants entering the City’s Creeks, increased flooding potential and decreased groundwater recharge. 

In May of this year, City Council adopted a new Drainage Criteria Manual and a new Water Quality Manual, which provide improved methods for handling stormwater runoff.  Implementation of the practices in the new manuals will help protect the City’s water resources, improving the benefit to human health, fish and wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities.

Detention and Water Quality is now required for new development/redevelopment greater or equal to one acre in the City of Colorado Springs.  Detention and water quality ponds will used to help clean rainwater/runoff and to decrease the intensity/amount of flows into the city’s stormwater system.