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City Clerk Launches Electronic Campaign Finance Filing System for April General Municipal Election
Monday, November 03, 2014

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The City Clerk’s Office launched today a new electronic campaign finance filing system for the April 7, 2015 General Municipal Election. The system allows candidates and committees to create contributions and expenditures reports electronically.  The new system also allows the public to view campaign finance reports and to download the contribution and expenditure data from those campaign finance filings submitted electronically.  The public can also sign up for notifications about a new or updated campaign or for new campaign finance filings.

“This new online reporting tool makes campaign finance reports more transparent for the public, and makes the process of filing reports easier for the candidates,” says City Clerk, Sarah Johnson.

City campaign finance laws require candidates or political committees to file a Report of Contributions and Expenditures if $20.00 or more has been received or spent on a campaign.  The threshold for issue committees is $200 received or spent.  Campaign finance reports can also be submitted via email, FAX, mail or in person delivery, however, the City Clerk’s Office strongly encourages the use of the new electronic filing system. The blank forms are available for download from the City's election web pages.

For complete details on the 2015 General Municipal Election, candidate information, and campaign finance requirements visit  Contact the City Clerk’s Office at or (719) 385-5901, ext 4, if there are any questions.