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CSPD Announces - Bair Analytics Raids Online

Wednesday, August 27, 2014, at 1:00PM [RELEASE AT WILL]

The Colorado Springs Police Department is pleased to announce the addition of Bair Analytics Raids Online to its toolbox of crime data available to the public.

Bair Analytics is a Lakewood, Colorado based company specializing in the processing and analysis of crime data for law enforcement agencies. Raids Online is the public facing portion of the product which is free and accessible through any web browser. The public can now log on and using a variety of tools see the same crime data utilized by Department analysts in their day to day operations.

The website allows for basic analytical assessments. It is a user friendly web based site. The site will display all crimes reported by CSPD under NIBERS (National Incident Based Reporting System) with the exception of sexual assaults. Specific addresses are not shown. The user will instead see the hundred block of the incident. All the incidents shown are those incidents that resulted in a police case report being initiated.  This is different than the calls for service.  Call for service data can be viewed on the website “”.

The Raids Online site can be accessed through “” or through search engines by requesting “Raids Online”.

A system training video is available at: