In 1941, IB "Dad" Bruce becomes Chief of Police and two-way radios are used in all six police cars.

1941 - Parking Meters Installed - Parking meters installed in downtown area; 5 cents for one hour, 1 penny for 12 minutes



1954 - The Department gets a polygraph machine and starts using radar for speed enforcement.

1958 - Meter Maids are hired


In 1962, Police Headquarters moves to 224 East Kiowa Street.

Boling was appointed to the position of Chief of Police on June 1, 1966.

The Colorado Springs Police Academy opens in 1973.

1974 - Women on Force - city hires first uniformed policewoman


July 2, 1975 John Tagert was named Chief of Police for the Colorado Springs Police Department.

The CSPD Reserve Program is implemented with 35 selected reserves entering a 90 hour training program during 1977.

1981 - Airport Policing - Police take over airport duties.

The Crime Stoppers informational program is implemented in 1981.

Robert Sapp becomes the first Black Police Sergeant in the history of the Colorado Springs Police Department in 1984.

James D. Munger is sworn in as the Police Chief on November 5, 1985. Chief Munger is the first Chief of Police to be hired from outside of the department.

1986 - Bears for Kids - Cops give Teddy Bears to traumatized kids

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