Colorado Springs Police Department

On September 2, 1872 Colorado Springs was incorporated as a town. From 1872 - 1878, the head of the Department was the first Town Constable, Smith C. Foote.

From 1878 - 1901, the head of the Department was the first Town Marshal, Lorin C. Dana.

Since 1901, the head of the Department has been the Chief of Police.

Vincent King becomes the first Chief of Police in 1901.



Officer Benjamin Franklin Bish is the first police officer in the history of Colorado Springs to lose his life in the line of duty -- June 28, 1896.

1903 - Horses have the Right of Way - First ordinance for speed 10 MPH; horses have right of way.

1905 - Drivers Licenses Required - Every motorist, except visitors, must have a driver's license and car license plates.

In 1907, under Chief William Reynolds, police officers work 12-hour days with a 15-minute lunch break.

1916 - Colorado City becomes part of Colorado Springs and the Department hires the first social investigator (Mrs. Easley) who performs matron type duties.

1916 - Traffic semaphore was installed at Pikes Peak and Tejon.

1921 - 4-way flashing red signals were put in use at Bijou and Kiowa on Cascade.

1924 - First electric rotating head traffic signal was installed at Nevada and Pikes Peak.

1928 - Rubber Traffic Signs Installed - Because of the high number of auto accidents involving fixed objects, city installs rubber traffic signs in the middle of main intersections.

1928 - Because of a high number of pedestrian/auto accidents at intersections, citizens are reminded to stop playing with the rubber traffic sign poles.