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Date 9/7/2014 3:55:18 PM
Alert Title Telephone scam
Alert Area Community Neighborhood
Alert Description Over the past week, the Colorado Springs Police Department has taken several reports concerning citizens receiving phone calls where the unknown caller is identifying themselves as employees of the El Paso County Sheriff Department.

The caller is advising the person they have warrants for their arrest. The suspect advises the person they need to pay money in order to avoid being arrested.

The suspect is requesting the victim purchase a "Green Dot" credit card and load money onto the card. The victim is then advised to re-contact the suspect and give the confirmation number to collect the funds.

The phone numbers the victims are given to re-contact the suspect is immediately disconnected and out of service once the suspect has the confirmation number.

This is not a procedure practiced by El Paso County Sheriffs Department and it is a scam.
Contact Name Jennifer Lewis Contact Division Sand Creek
Contact Telephone 444-7282 Contact Email