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Colorado Springs Police Department - Citizens Academy

The Colorado Springs Police Department Citizens' Academy educates citizens about the duties and responsibilities, as well as the
policies and procedures, of the department, and the citizen's role in the interaction of citizens and police through a series of eleven
classes. In addition to helping the citizens better understand the police department, it in turn helps the police department better
understand the citizens and their concerns.

In order to attend, you must complete the following form, submit it, and pass a background investigation.

Upcoming Citizens' Academy
  Fall 2015
(Starts October 1, 2015)
Applicant Information
(First, Middle, Last)
(Street, City, State, Zip)
Home Telephone
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Email Address
Applicant Employment Information
Employer Name
Emergency Contact Information
Emg Contact Name
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  I agree to a background check  

We reserve the right to deny participation in the CSPD Citizens' Academy to anyone
and we can terminate someone's participation in the CSPD Citizens' Academy at any time.