Where is the court located and what time do I need to report?

Robert M. Isaac Municipal Court building is located at 224 E. Kiowa, downtown on the corner of Kiowa and Weber. Please report by 8:30 am on the date summoned to Room 120, on the 1st floor.

Is parking easy to find?

The city parking garage is located on the southwest corner of Kiowa Street and Nevada Avenue. It is the parking facility above the city transit bus stop. Bring your parking garage entry ticket with you to court and present it to the jury clerk for validation. Parking will be free.

If I am not able to serve when called, will the court work with me for a different court date?

Call the Jury Commissioner at 385-5926 when you receive your summons and the clerk will work with you if you are not available to serve on the date summoned. The court understands we all have other priorities in our lives and will try to accommodate your appearance on a different date if at all possible.

What days can I expect to be called and how long will my service as a juror be?

To efficiently meet the needs of all citizens, the court calls for jury trials on Fridays. The majority of our cases are heard within one day, sometimes even a few hours. The court has adopted the "One day, one trial" rule. Broadly, this means if not selected for service on the day called, you will be excused. However if selected, you will serve until the verdict is reached, which for our court is usually one day. In the very rare occurrence that a trial will last longer than one day, we will notify you in advance.

What kind of cases does the court hear?

Cases heard before a jury include cases in which defendants have been charged with a violation of the City of Colorado Springs municipal code. These include infractions of both traffic regulations and criminal ordinances. Some common codes include: speeding, failure to stop for stop light or stop sign, assault, harassment, etc.

How was I chosen for jury service?

Citizens are chosen through a random selection compiled from voter registration and motor vehicle driver’s license records. Once called, you are not subject to recall in this court for two years.

How can I be a juror when I don't know anything about the law?

This is precisely the type of juror who will sit well on a panel. A juror must be fair and impartial to both sides. It will be the juror’s responsibility to listen carefully to the information presented and come to a decision to settle the dispute. Based on the evidence presented and testimony heard, it will be the jurors who will decide the case based on the judge's instructions of applicable law.

What kind of questions will I have to answer in court?

Although both sides on the case will ask questions, the questions are not intended to pry into your personal life. The prosecution and defense are merely trying to find fair and impartial jurors to sit on the panel. This process is accomplished through Voir Dire, a French term which broadly means To Tell The Truth. Some examples may be: background, education, occupation, and whether you know anyone in the courtroom. If for any reason you feel a question is too personal, please bring it to the attention of the judge privately.

If I am summoned for jury service, will I automatically sit as a juror on a case?

Not necessarily. More jurors are called than actually needed. Through the process of Voir Dire, the parties will alternately strike jurors until they eliminate jurors down to a panel of (3) or (6) who will actually sit as the jury panel.

Does a verdict need to be unanimous?

Yes. All jurors in deliberation should speak out and voice their opinion on the case. Each should decide the defendant's guilt or innocence of the charge and render a verdict. Do not be intimidated by anyone in your group. In order for the verdict to be reached, it must be unanimous, meaning every juror's decision should concur.

Do I qualify for an exemption to serve as a juror?

All people from every profession and occupation can be summoned for jury duty. No one is exempt; even judges, attorneys, police officers and military are called. However, you must reside in the city limits of Colorado Springs. Only if you reside in the county are you exempt from duty.  You must also be at least 18 years of age, an American citizen and be able to understand the English Language.

If I am over 70, do I need to serve?

If you are over 70 and have a hardship, you may have cause for an exemption. Please bring it to the attention of the jury commissioner prior to the date summoned and she will work with you regarding your obligation to appear.

What if I have a medical excuse and I can't appear?

Please call the Jury Commissioner at 385-5926 to reschedule your appearance. We will need a doctor’s statement and will be able to reschedule you should the need arise.

I have a prior felony, can I still sit as a juror?

If you are convicted of a felony and have not had your citizenship restored by pardon or petition, you may be exempt from duty. Please notify the Jury Commissioner at 385-5926.

I do not have a babysitter, can I bring my child to court?

Unfortunately the court does not have accommodation for children. You will need to make prior arrangements for the date summoned. Once here, do not expect to be excused. Also, please do not call the morning of service. No one will be available to take your call. Please have arrangements made prior to court so that we can efficiently process people through for trials that morning without inconveniencing others.

What does this summons mean? What is going to happen to those who do not respond?

The summons you receive in the mail is notice to appear in court and participate in a fundamental right to Trial by Jury. Your participation is not only a right but a responsibility to preserve this privilege and should not be taken lightly. Failure to appear could result in a Show Cause Order being issued by the presiding judge where a juror answers why he/she has failed to respond to the summons. Please understand that being summoned poses an obligation on every citizen to participate, just as we would want others in our community to do for us, if it were our case. Most find the experience enjoyable and rewarding. We, at the Colorado Springs Municipal Court, are truly grateful for your participation and welcome any comments you may have. Please direct them to our Jury Commissioner at 385-5926.