College Safety

According to the 2003 International Fire Code "A diagram depicting two evacuation routes shall be posted on or immediately adjacent to every required exit door from a sleeping room."

Emergency Evacuation or Action Plans are often posted on the inside of individual dorm/guest rooms.  If you cannot locate a posted copy, check with occupant of the room to find out where this plan is located.


If you must evacuate the building in the event of a fire:                 


If the door is not hot:        


If the door is hot:              


If your exit is blocked by smoke -


If your clothes catch on fire you should STOP where you are, DROP to the ground, cover your eyes and face with your hands and ROLL until the flames are smothered out.

Practice Fire Safety every day and get your dorm neighbors to do so too. Remember, you are only as safe as your neighbor is.  A fire in a room next door could trap you and leave you little or no time to escape.

Your dorm should have specific rules about fire safety and you should follow them. If not already addressed in your building safety rules, here are some additional tips that may save your life: