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 System plans must be picked up within 30 days. All system plans left longer than 30 days will be discarded as abandoned.

03512 TEJON ST

Review DateStatusComment(s)
1/14/2015 AttentionRESUBMITTED: The plans have been re-submitted, and the disapproved issues have been addressed as follows: **PLEASE NOTE** ALL COMMENTS FOUND ON PREVIOUS PLAN REVIEWS REMAIN ENFORCEABLE UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED IN THIS REVIEW. THE REQUIRED REPORTS FROM PSI WERE NOT SUBMITTED WITH THESE PLANS. NO PEER REVIEW, PEER REVIEW LETTER, NOR INSPECTION REPORT. 1) Plan Review met w/Mr. Lewis regarding plans and also phone conversation with Mr. Svenson on 1/14/15 Again, the plans have been submitted with no PSI reports. The following plans are missing in this submittal and are required to complete this plan review: 1) Stamped copy of Peer Review report for Equipment from PSI. 2) Stamped compliance letter associated with the Peer Review Equipment report. This letter document the in field verfication by PSI that the equipment is installed per their report and serial numbers/equipment is same. 3) Inspection report. Owner--Mr. Svenson states that he will obtain copies of the stamped reports 1/14/15 to facilitate review. He will then submit original, stamped-seal by PSI reports and submit to plan review for official file copies (per Plan reviewer request). 4) Owner states shall obtain correct chemical inventory for site, specifically for the butane. Plan reviewer pointed out that reported/declared amounts on plans are inconsistant and correct declared value is required for this review. Owner states will drop this information to plan reviewer 1/14/15. 12 LB butane cyl in use in MMIP room (identified on attached narrative) declared at 96 cf) 15 lb butane cylin declared on plansheet M.1 (calculations by engineer based on this amount) 29 lb butane cyl ALSO declared on plan sheet M.1 in MMIP room ((declared at 192 cf) COVER SHEET: declares not more than 150 lbs interior; not more than 300 lbs REPORT CORRECT FINAL AMOUNTS--VENTILATION DESIGN FOR MMIP EXTRACTION ROOM IS CONTINGENT ON THIS AMOUNT. ENSURE COMPLIANCE (PPRBD ELECTRICAL DEPT NEEDS TO REVIEW THIS IF AMOUNT HAS CHANGED) ATTENTION: INTERIOR EXTRACTION/MMIP ROOM: NO ADDITIONAL BUTANE STORAGE ALLOWED, ONLY THE CONTAINER/VESSEL IN USE AND ATTACHED TO THE EXTRACTION UNIT IS PERMITTED. 5) SEE ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS FOR INFORMATION IN THIS SUBMITTAL 6) Plan also shows 1 rated control area room for this extraction room. (ventilation 1 hr requirement unknown if met? ) ALL PPRBD depts have reviewed and released for permit respective dept reviews 12/12 -15 /2014. 7) Owner states that plans were prepared by engineer of record based on PSI reports and compliance with PSI reports. Plan reviewer approves this plan based on Owner declaration that copies will be delivered to plan reviewer 1/14/15 this date. and that ALL ORIGINAL STAMP-SEAL REPORTS SHALL BE DELIVERED TO CSFD PLAN REVIEWER PRIOR TO FINAL CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION.
Attention8) BUTANE STORAGE EXTERIOR --- LPG PERMIT REQUIRED Unknown amount of butane storage is identified on plans- Location and permit application has not been identified or completed-submitted at this time Complete an LP gas cabinet permit application and supporting documents attached and submit to the CSFD @375 printers pkwy. Two complete paper copies must be submitted. Include CGA pamphlet 1 if referenced in PSI reports. Include narrative of cylinder exchange, process of transfer/fill gas; supplier contact; safety measures Training required for filling of cylinders provide documentation Compliance shall be per PSI report, NFPA 58 current edition, and IFC 2009, chapt 38. This permit is in addition to this plan/permit review. Fee = $184.00 provide quantities in lbs, and cubic feet, please Site locations; distances to ignition sources, exits, building openings, sewer or ground openings, vegetation, building overhangs,other chemicals; public access, security, foundations etc.; vehicle protection (bollards) See NFPA 58 and IFC chap 38 for requirements. The LPG permit will not hold or delay this plan review. No storage exterior prior to permit approval. 9) 1/14/15: Owner delivered paper copy (not stamped) seal/stamp of MARICARE LLC INSPECTION REPORT DATED JULY 28, 2014. Final report is to be issued upon completion of PSI field inspection. submit to CSFD upon completion. 10) PER IFC 2009, CHAP 27 AND 35: Flammable gas detection system is required. (noted as not present in PSI report). LISTED, APPROVED FOR hydrocarbons, SET TO minimum 25% LEL; sensor aprox 12" AFF, Per Manufacturer installation; not near air stream of exhaust. Unit shall be wired into electrical system of the facility. AUDIBLE AND VISUAL ALARM 11) Owner is to call and report butane amounts to CSFD 1/14/15.
Attention11) THIS IS AN EXTRACTION TEK MACHINE (noted in PSI Inspection report dated July 28 2014) NO PEER REVIEW REPORT OR COMPIANCE LETTER ACCOMPANIED PLANS FOR THIS EQUIPMENT PLEASE SUBMIT STAMPED PAPER COPIES. Owner states that he will research report submittals and needs with PSI and Mfgr and will obtain all requested reports to submit to CSFD. Owner delivered Inspection report 1/141/15 (copy only) OK
6/13/2014 Disapproved6/12 -13/14 deficient plan submittal Phone calls: Extraction Tek: Matthew send additional information on ETL listing; request send full ETL report to plan reviewer (via email) Per matthew Water heater is not Listed; will be 3 ft AFF and 10 ft away from extraction machine in same room. " This is the alternative design that will address a non listed device in a hazardous occupancy" Heater heats the water bath at the collector Sent plan reviewer the process description also. ETL reps: Matthew and Mark UL 73 tested to. Ben Parsay: Architect: Plan reviewer question on heater on plans? Not supposed to be there per Mr. Parsay; comment reference K Yeager? doesn't know Is this a classified occupancy ? No per Parsay K: Class I Div 2 required; Parsay states ventilation mitigates hazard occupancy class per NEC. Mr Parsay to send K standard/code reference that allows. Mr. Parsay states two 100 lb butane cylinders exterior storage. request: PID gas detection spec/cut sheets (listed required and sensor info) Parsay to send to Plan reviewer Jeff of MariCare: manager No piping to extraction room: told that butane can't be piped--generates heat and requires additonal engineering and components. Piping should not be on plans Wanted to "mix" butane gas on site exterior of building (Jeff did not want to do mixing) K:Not advised; not allowed. Have a qualified gas supplier supply gas. Jeff: will have 20 lb cylinder in room for supply only and will store additional butane in cage exterior. Kay: resubmit plans with revisions: no piping, chemical inventory amounts of butane, storage amounts and locations and use amounts and locations. No heater ? per parsay K: Have plans revised current and resubmit to plan reviewer; plans need to be resubmitted through all depts. disapproved plans I have them at FDC. let me know I will route to RBD K send (plan reviewer) a narrative detailing butane use, storage etc. and process. Jeff to send info to K DISAPPROVED


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