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 System plans must be picked up within 30 days. All system plans left longer than 30 days will be discarded as abandoned.


Review DateStatusComment(s)
8/16/2013 AttentionPlease note - a letter dated 8/14/13 attached to plans states the quantity of butane on site will be no more than 20 pounds.
8/8/2013 FYIRESUBMITTED: The plans have been re-submitted, and the disapproved issues have been addressed as follows: APPROVED. REVISED PLANS 8/6/13 STAMPED. * ***************SEE ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS ***************** **PLEASE NOTE** ALL COMMENTS FOUND ON PREVIOUS PLAN REVIEWS REMAIN ENFORCEABLE UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED IN THIS REVIEW. 1) Chemical Inventory has been provided. 70 lbs butane 36 oz isopropyl alcohol 2) The butane amount is below the MAQ for flammable liquefied gas (150 lbs). This facility is not required to design/construct to an H2 occupancy for the lab. Revised stamped drawing shows 1 hr rated construction (not an H2); plans also have retained the requested mechanical and electrical designs previously reviewed. OK. Lab should be designed to a 1 hr rated control area in compliance with the IBC/IFC 2009. *** PPRBD divisions have not reviewed the revised design at this time. PPRBD depts shall be required to review and release for permit all design, mechanical & electrical requirements; and assign the appropriate occupancy. 3) The flammable liquefied gas is above the Hazardous Material Permit Amount and therefore the facility will be required to enroll in the ANNUAL HAZARDOUS MATERIAL PERMIT PROGRAM. PLEASE COORDINATE WITH THE HAZMAT SPECIALIST INSPECTOR TO ENROLL IN THE PROGRAM AND TO COMPLETE THE ONLINE PERMIT. ** Annual fee and inspection is associated with this permit; annually automatically renewed. 3) Contact 719-385-5978 to schedule the hazardous materials construction inspection with Hazmat Specialist Inspector - Jay Weightman.
7/31/2013 FYIDiscreet Treats, 288 S Academy, Suite C: interior remodel - change of occupancy -H-2 BUTANE EXTRACTION PROCESS SYSTEMS: none CN:Code: 09 IBC - 09 IFC - 11 PPRBC /Class: B, M, F-1, F2 , H2 / Const:II-B /Stories:1 /Size: 6775 /OL: 66 Additional Comments: BUTANE EXTRACTION PROCESS-EQUIPMENT ADDED AND CHANGE LAB TO H-2 Hazmat Review: Butane extraction unit - Redesign; LAB area (unit to be installed)
DisapprovedBUTANE EXTRACTION UNIT/APPLIANCE-DEVICE Equipment specifications, information were submitted with the plans * Drawings, photos, specifications, equipment, safety, listings, etc Submit Plan sheets with all process and storage locations identified; quantity of butane; etc. Submit and show on plan sheets chemical storage locations. *** Equipment process approved (PENDING CHEMICAL INVENTORY AND STORAGE-USE LOCATIONS) TO BE RESUBMITTED
FYIMECHANICAL VENTILATION Plan sheet M-1 594 cfm design for LAB. Exhaust system is explosion proof. 1 air exchanges p/hr. Plan sheet states that exhaust and ductwork shall be in accordance with IFC and IMC. PPRBD has reviewed and released for permit mechanical plan set.
DisapprovedCHEMICAL INVENTORY SEE ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS NO CHEMICAL INVENTORY HAS BEEN PROVIDED. RESUBMIT PLANS WITH COMPLETE CHEMICAL/MATERIAL INVENTORY ATTENTION: TABLE 2703.1.1(1) Flammable Gas Liquified MAQ = 150 lbs **** H2 OCCUPANCY = greater than 150 lbs Based on conversation with architect (D Weeser) 8/1/13 Plans submitted are identified as H2 for Lab area where butane process is to be installed/used. Plans are not constructed to an H2 at this time (wall-ceiling-floor areas not H2 design) RBD and Fire concurr that at this time it does not meet H2 design requirements Per Plan reviewer: Refer to IFC 2009, CHAP 27, MAQ Table 2703.1.1.1 Liquified Flammable Gas Submit inventory; if below MAQ then H2 construction is not required. (must demonstrate this in resubmittal design. Area may be considered a 1-hr rated control area in compliance with IBC AND IFC 2009. *** REFER TO PPRBD CONSTRUCTION PLAN REVIEWER FOR APPROPRIATE OCCUPANCY CLASSIFICATION. Maintain mechanical and electrical Class I Div 2 ratings as indicated on M1 (1/7/ 2013), M2 (7/18/13) AND E1( 7/16/13) plan sheets dated
FYIELECTRICAL Wall Heater: The heater is explosion proof Class I Div 2 Electrical designed into Lab . OK
FYIHAZARDOUS MATERIALS STORAGE CABINETS Where storage cabinets are used to increase maximum allowable quantity per control area or to comply with chapter 27, such cabinets shall be in accordance with IFC 2009, as amended, Sections 2703.8.7.1 and 2703.8.7.2. The interior of cabinets shall be treated, coated or constructed of materials that are nonreactive with the hazardous material stored. Such treatment, coating or construction shall include the entire interior of the cabinet. Cabinets shall either be listed in accordance with UL 1275 as suitable for the intended storage or constructed in accordance with the following: 1. Cabinets shall be of steel having a thickness of not less than 0.0478 inch (1.2 mm) (No. 18 gage). The cabinet, including the door, shall be double walled with a 11/2-inch (38 mm) airspace between the walls. Joints shall be riveted or welded and shall be tight fitting. Doors shall be well fitted, self-closing and equipped with a self-latching device. 2. The bottoms of cabinets utilized for the storage of liquids shall be liquid tight to a minimum height of 2 inches (51 mm). Electrical equipment and devices within cabinets used for the storage of hazardous gases or liquids shall be in accordance with NFPA 70. Cabinets shall be clearly identified in an approved manner with red letters on a contrasting background to read: HAZARDOUS-KEEP FIRE AWAY. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CONTAINMENT PALLETS For spill control and secondary containment for storage in accordance with the exception in Section 2704.2, containment pallets shall comply with all of the following: 1 A liquid-tight sump accessible for visual inspection shall be provided. 2. The sump shall be designed to contain not less than 66 gallons (250 L). 3. Exposed surfaces shall be compatible with material stored.
FYILABELING Individual containers of hazardous materials, cartons or packages shall be marked or labeled in accordance with applicable federal regulations. Buildings, rooms and spaces containing hazardous materials shall be identified by hazard warning signs in accordance with the IFC 2009, as amended, Section 2703.5. Labeling - An NFPA 704 compliant Hazard Placard is required for each pedestrian entry door rooms containing hazardous materials in excess of the exempt amounts (this door could be interior or exterior) and all such doors shall be included. The minimum size of the Hazard Placard shall be 15" by 15". This requirement is subject to verification at the time of the Hazardous materials Inspection prior to signing the Fire Final. Individual containers, cartons or packages shall be conspicuously marked or labeled in an approved manner. Rooms or cabinets containing com-pressed gases shall be conspicuously labeled: COMPRESSED GAS.
FYIMSDS Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all hazardous materials shall be either readily available on the premises as a paper copy, or where approved, shall be permitted to be readily retrievable by electronic access. Approved electronic access shall be as follows: 1. Media shall be USB Flash Drive. 2. Format shall be Microsoft Word 2000 or newer docu-ment, PDF, or other approved format. Where a Knox Box is located at a facility, one USB de-vice shall be stored in the Knox Box and one device shall be located in an approved location(s). All devices and content shall be maintained.
FYIShelving shall be of substantial construction, and shall be braced and anchored in accor-dance with the seismic design requirements of the Interna-tional Building Code for the seismic zone in which the material is located. Shelving shall be treated, coated or constructed of materials that are compatible with the hazardous materials stored. Shelves shall be provided with a lip or guard when used for the storage of individual containers. Exceptions: 1. Storage in hazardous material storage cabinets or laboratory furniture specifically designed for such use. 2. Storage of hazardous materials in amounts not requiring a permit in accordance with Section 2701.5. Shelf storage of hazardous materials shall be main-tained in an orderly manner.
FYIIncompatible materials in storage and storage of materials that are incompatible with materials in use shall be separated when the stored materials are in containers having a capacity of more than 5 pounds (2 kg) or 0.5 gallon (2 L). Separation shall be accomplished by: 1. Segregating incompatible materials in storage by a distance of not less than 20 feet (6096 mm). 2. Isolating incompatible materials in storage by a noncombustible partition extending not less than 18 inches (457 mm) above and to the sides of the stored material. 3. Storing liquid and solid materials in hazardous ma-terial storage cabinets. 4. Storing compressed gases in gas cabinets or exhausted enclosures in accordance with Sections Materials that are incompatible shall not be stored within the same cabinet or exhausted enclosure. ***ATTENTION: MSDS for these materials indicate incompatibilities with certain materials/chemicals. Pay close attention to the Oxidizers --- separate from other materials. *** Recommend approved storage cabinets and secondary containment pallets for the storage of on site materials.
FYIPersons responsible for the operation of areas in which hazardous materials are stored, dispensed, handled or used shall be familiar with the chemical nature of the materials and the appropriate mitigating actions necessary in the event of a fire, leak or spill. Responsible persons shall be designated and trained to be liaison personnel for the fire department. These persons shall aid the fire department in preplanning emergency responses and identification of the locations where hazardous materials are located, and shall have access to Material Safety Data Sheets and be knowledgeable in the site emergency response procedures.


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