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 System plans must be picked up within 30 days. All system plans left longer than 30 days will be discarded as abandoned.

03110 STONE AV

Review DateStatusComment(s)
6/26/2013 FYI*****(STANDARD COMMENT) This project is: Levity Wellness, 3110 N Stone Av: interior remodel - CHANGE OF OCCUPANCY Date of Plans: 5.6.13 You can access our web site for the latest fire department plan review comments: 1. From, select PLAN REVIEW then FIND PLANS next COLORADO SPRINGS 2. Scroll down to the correct address. You may then select APPROVED/DISAPPROVED to view comments associated with that particular project.
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT) CHANGE OF USE/OCCUPANCY It appears this project is a change of use or occupancy for this building. As such, the building must meet the current adopted fire code for its new use/occupancy.
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT) IMPACT TO EXITING AND/OR FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS Egress components and fire protection systems that may be negatively impacted by yoru scope of work will be required to comply with the currently adopted fire code. As an example, if your work increases the occupant load of a space, the existing egress components will be required to comply with the requirements of the new occupant load.
Attention(STANDARD COMMENT) CONSTRUCTION SPLICES You are strongly encouraged to have any splices that may occur during this project, reviewed by CSFD. Failure to do so, can result in coordination issues that could prevent a final inspection from being completed, thus delaying the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT) INTERIOR FINISH: Interior finish, to include wall coverings and window treatments shall comply with Table 803.3 of the 2009 IFC.
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT) EXTENSION CORDS AND MULTI-PLUG ADAPTERS Power sources shall comply with Section 605 of the 2009 IFC, especially with regard to the use of extension cords and multi-plug adapters.
Attention(STANDARD COMMENT) INFUSED PRODUCTS Infused product processes involve some chemicals, equipment, and procedures that must be reviewed and inspected by CSFD Hazardous Materials personnel. Please be informed that this will be required at any time the business is in operation upon discovery. Some examples to keep in mind are butane, isopropanol, high pressure Carbon Dioxide and or Carbon Dioxide generators/burners/cylinders, hydrogen peroxide, sulfur evaporators. These are not a conclusive list, just some common items found. Please notify CSFD plan reviewer and/or inspector immediately of any infusing process occuring on this site.
FYI*****(STANDARD COMMENT) HAZ-MAT TRIAGE FORM The hazardous materials amount certification form has been completed, submitted and attached to the building plans. This form states that there WILL NOT be excessive amounts of hazardous materials at this facility. CSFD Inspectors will verify this when the Fire final inspections of the occupancy are conducted. BE ADVISED, YOU MENTIONED MIG WELDING MAY BE DONE AT THIS LOCATION - A HAZARDOUS OPERATIONS PERMIT MAY BE REQUIRED TO PERFORM THIS WORK. PLEASE CONTACT CSFD DIVISION OF THE FIRE MARSHAL AT 719-385-5378 FOR DETAILS.
FYI*****(STANDARD COMMENT) FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS The following systems are present or required in this facility: --XXX---Fire Alarm System --XXX---Water-Based Suppression System (fire sprinklers, standpipes, etc) Applicable Fire Protection System plans shall be submitted to the CSFD Construction Services office in the Regional Development Center.
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT 10) INSPECTIONS Due to the dynamic nature of inspectors schedules, PLEASE call your inspection requests in with ample time to allow scheduling. When calling, please have your complete CSFD plan review number(s) ready for each inspection request. ( i.e. 20001234 - HM -2 or 20000012 - CN - 1) The CSFD Approved sets of plans are to be on site for all inspections.
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT) JAH - SCHEDULING INSPECTIONS: Your assigned inspector is Jeff Hanenberg. Please call 719-385-5982 Extension 2 to schedule all construction related inspection activities.
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT) REVIEWS Colorado Springs Fire Department construction reviews are based upon information provided on the drawings and/or the attached reference material. Issues or features that are not presented within the construction documents are assumed to be complaint with applicable codes/standards. It is the responsibility of the building owner to ensure that minimum code requirements are met as established by the Authority Having Jurisdiction, whether or not the requirements are specifically indicated on the submitted construction documents. The CSFD has reviewed the submittal in accordance with the adopted fire code requirements, CSFD local amendments, City Code Standards, and applicable NFPA Standards. All plan review comments are subject to final on-site field inspections, and testing by the CSFD. Review and approval by the CSFD shall not relieve the applicant of the responsibility of compliance with the International Fire Code. (105.4.4)
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT) PERMITS Insure all applicable permits are obtained from the Regional Building Department and the Colorado Springs Fire Department for the work that is being done at this site.


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