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 System plans must be picked up within 30 days. All system plans left longer than 30 days will be discarded as abandoned.


Review DateStatusComment(s)
4/29/2013 FYIUS OLYMPIC TRAINING CENTER WARRIOR GAMES 2013 ADVANCED ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES 1750 E BOULDER STREET FLAME EFFECTS FOR TORCH CAULDRON Additional Comments: Advanced Entertainment Services, on May 11,2013 Mike Carlisle of Advanced Entertainment Services will be local Pyrotechnic Special Effects Operator 719-671-1424 Sponsor: SportsCorp, Tom Osborne ATTENTION: See our web site for our latest plan review comments for your job at: - go to "City Agencies" (tab on the teal bar to get a drop box) - click on - "Fire Department" - (Using the links down the left side of the page), click on - "Web Guide." Once you're into the Web Guide, click on "Plan Review Status" This will also give you access to numerous other items that may assist you in your future project design work.
FYIPermit application Submittal Detailed Event Plan Description/narrative of the event Site Plan layout and product placement shot list (gerbs, propane) MSDS Permit application License of shooter (M. Carlisle on file with CSFD, current) Cert of Insurance cauldron
FYIPERMIT Pending final permit inspection. Contact CSFD @ 385-5978 TO SCHEDULE PERMIT INSPECTION PRIOR TO SHOW. Allow sufficient time for site walk through, demonstration of all (ALL) pyrotechnic special effects, all (ALL) flame effects and inspection. Pyrotechnic display will be located only on top of cauldron TOP OF CAULDRON SIX, 1 sec x 25 ft silver gerbs 15 ft. will be maintained between cauldron and audience 2 1/2 gallon water extinguishers on site
FYINFPA - The National Fire Protection Association Standard 1126 "Standard for the Use of Pyrotechnics before a Proximate Audience" shall apply. INTERNATIONAL FIRE CODE 2009 Ed. as amended - Chapter 33 " Explosives and Fireworks" shall apply. NFPA - Standard 160 Flame Effects Before an Audience, shall apply.
AttentionA DEMONSTRATION OF ALL (ALL) PYROTECHNICS EFFECTS IS REQUIRED AT PERMIT INSPECTION. ALLOW SUFFICIENT TIME FOR INSPECTION AND WALK THROUGH. Contact the CSFD @ (719) 385-5978 to schedule inspection and walk through. ** Scheduled for May 10, 2013
FYICERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE - Approved: The attached certificate of insurance lists Prolite (dba Advanced Entertainment Services) The certificate of insurance shows the appropriate event date: May 10 & 11, 2013 APPROVED -The attached certificate of insurance is for an amount sufficient to cover the requirements as outlined in 2009 IFC 3301.2.4.2 (as amended): Please obtain a certificate of insurance that shows commercial general liability with minimum available limits of: -$2,000,000 general aggregate -$1,000,000 products and completed operative aggregate -$1,000,000 each occurrence -Comprehensive automobile liability with minimum limits of $1,000,000 per occurences -Workers Compensation and employers liability as required by statute. Employer's liability coverage is to be carried for a minimum of $100,000. -The insurance shall cover all operations involving fireworks and any vehicles used for the transportation or storage of fireworks, bodily injury liability and property liability for the purpose of payment of any damages to persons or property which arise from, or are caused by, the conduct of an act authorized by the permit upon which a judicial judgement results. The insurance shall also provide protection for property damage resulting from fireworks or explosion. The certificate of insurance shall guarantee 30 days written notice to the chief of the fire department in the event of policy cancellation for any reason. -The certificate of insurance shall list the Colorado Springs Fire Department as An Additional Insured.
FYIFIRE EXTINGUISHERS NFPA 1126, 8.1.1 thru -A total of (4) or more fire extinguishers shall be present & readily accessible while the pyrotechnics are being loaded, prepared for firing, or fired. -In all cases, (2) must be pressureized water-type & (2) shall be Class 10-BC. -Extinguishers shall be placed such that at least one is located on each opposing side of the performance. *** Plan indicates three (2) 1/2 gallon water fire extinguishers on both sides.
FYISMOKE CONTROL - When pyrotechnic special effects material is fired within a building, the quantity of smoke developed SHALL NOT obscure the visibility of exit signs or path of egress travel. The maximum density of smoke shall be approved and the pyrotechnic operator shall ensure that the maximum density is not exceeded. Provisions may be required to confine smoke generated by pyrotechnic special effects material to an approved area and to remove such smoke from the building.
FYIFIRE DETECTION - Fire detection and life safety systems shall be permitted to be interrupted during the operation of temporarily installed pyrotechnic effects when the following conditions are met: a) Approval of the AHJ is received. b) Approval of the owner or owners is received. c) An approved fire watch capable of directing the operation of all fire detection and life safety systems installed in the building is present. NOTE: The "World Arena Operations Protocol for an Event that Requires Limited Disabled Smoke (beam) Detectors" shall be in effect. In addition to the procedures and systems monitoring outlined in the Operations Protocol the following shall be conducted: The fire watch must be in place anytime there are spectators in the building during an event in which the beam detectors are disabled. The fire watch will include an employee at the main fire alarm control panel, an employee in the operations office and at least one employee in the bowl area with radio contact with the other two fire watch staff. A dedicated fire watch is not required when the building is not occupied by the public. A manual activation for the smoke control shall be used in the operations office on the service level. This manual control is programmed to act as a manual replacement for the 14 beam detectors in the bowl area when the beam detectors are disabled. Approval per Kris Cooper, CSFD Deputy Fire Marshal in 2004 for this use.
FYICROWD MANAGEMENT - Measures must be taken to provide for adequate crowd management, security, fire protection, and other emergency services.
FYIFACILITIES - Facilities in which pyrotechnics are to be used and/or stored shall comply with the applicable provision of the International Fire Code (2003 edition) Section 3304. STORAGE - To prevent unauthorized personnel from gaining access to the pyrotechnics, the manager for the site shall provide a separate lockable room or facility for the preparation of pyrotechnic materials and devices that have been approved by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and that is acceptable to the pyrotechnic operator. Pyrotechnics storage room shall be located in the former Christmas Storage room. This room was approved per Kris Cooper (Deputy Fire Marshal, CSFD) and Kay Yeager (CSFD Hazmat Inspector) for this use in 2004.
Attention-Firewatch/or number of support technicians responsible for shot/fallout monitoring, along with locations and number of fire extinguishers will be verified at time of inspection. -Fire safety procedures will be verified at time of inspection.
FYINFPA - The National Fire Protection Associations Standard 1126 "Standard for the Use of Pyrotechnics before a Proximate Audience" current edition shall apply. -DISTANCE SEPARATION - NFPA 1126.6.4 "Separation Distances from the Audience": 6.4.1) Each pyrotechnic device fired during the performance shall be separated from the audience by at least 15 feet but not less than twice the fallout radius of the device. 6.4.2) Concussion mortars shall be separated from the audience by a minimum of 25 feet. 6.4.3) There shall be no glowing or flaming particles within 10 feet of the audience. 6.4.4) Smoking shall not be permitted within 25 feet of the area where the pyrotechnics are being handled of fires. NFPA - The National Fire Protection Association Standard 160 "Flame Effects Before an Audience" shall apply. All applicable provisions of the 2009 International Fire Code, Chapters 27 (Hazardous Materials), 33 (Explosives and Fireworks) and 38 (LPG) shall apply.
FYIPRODUCT MSDS's An MSDS for each pyro effect is required to be included with this submittal. MSDS was provided in this submittal.


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