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 System plans must be picked up within 30 days. All system plans left longer than 30 days will be discarded as abandoned.


Review DateStatusComment(s)
4/24/2013 FYIThis project is: Alliance Storage Technologies, 10045 Federal Drive. Latest date shown on plans reviewed: 4/22/13 (Plan Submittal Form) Plans are reviewed to the 2009 Colorado Springs Fire Code.
ISMOKE/HEAT VENTS: Based on the information provided, smoke and heat vents are required for the high pile storage area(s). Vents shall be manually openable from the outside, and have a fusible link with a temperature rating of at least 100 degrees above the sprinkler head rated temperature. A copy of the manufactures specification sheets is required to be submitted with your plans and high-pile storage packet. These specification sheets are to indicate the exact type of vent, the fusible link temperature and indicate provisions for manual release from the outside of the building. Each individual smoke and heat vent shall be numbered/lettered both inside and outside in such a manner that each individual vent can be easily identified from both the inside and outside. The numbers/letters shall be bold type style, a minimum of 6-inch in height, and with 3/4-inch stroke. (2003 IFC 2306.7,2306.7.1 thru 7.3 and 910 as amended) VENTS ARE EXISTING. 4 VENTS ARE PRESENT. THE ACTUAL FLOOR SPACE TAKEN UP BY RACKS PLUS REQUIRED AISLES EQUALS 6528SF. (SEE EMAIL) THE VENT/STORAGE RATIO IS 1:50. THEREFORE 130.56SQ FT OF VENT SPACE REQUIRED. THE 4 VENTS ARE 32 SQ FT EACH FOR A TOTAL OF 128SQ FT OF VENT SPACE. THE REMAINING 2.56 SQ FT OF VENT SPACE WILL NOT BE REQUIRED DUE TO THE COST OF THE INSTALLATION OF THE VENT NOT BEING OUTWEIGHED BY THE BENEFITS OF THE EXTRA VENT. THEREFORE THE 4 EXISTING VENTS ARE ACCEPTABLE.
FYIRESPONSIBILITY: Our reviews are based upon and limited to the information presented on the drawings and/or the specific materials submitted. Matters not presented within the construction documents submitted, nor items not requested for review, which are required for the granting of permits by the CSFD, are assumed to be reviewed and inspected by others, and not to be considered as part of this review unless noted otherwise herein. No responsibility or duty is accepted, implied, or extended to, for, and/or resulting from construction in any phase, form or manner. The review of these plans does not relieve the architect, contractor, or building owner from designing and building the structure per nationally recognized good standards, and all code and standard requirements. Code and standard requirements are not necessarily noted on the plans, in the plan review comment sheets, or not noted during inspections are still required to be provided and installed so that the building construction is installed in full compliance with all applicable codes and standards. We have reviewed the submittal in accordance with the fire code requirements of the 2003 International Fire Code, CSFD local amendments, City Code Standards, applicable NFPA Standards, and using good fire protection practices. All plan review comments are subject to final on-site field inspections, and testing by the CSFD.
FYIINSPECTION SCHEDULING. A minimum of 48-hour notice is recommended for all inspections (subject to change). Due to work loads, holidays, meetings, vacations, etc., CSFD cannot guarantee a 48-hour turnaround on all inspections. Call inspections in with ample time to allow adequate scheduling. Call (719) 385-5978 to request all inspections. When calling, please have your complete CSFD plan review number(s) ready for each inspection request. (i.e. 20001234-HP-2) The CSFD approved sets of plans are to be on site for all inspections. Inspection requests over the fax or answering machines are not accepted.
AttentionIf you have any specific questions or concerns about these comments, please feel free to contact me at: Steve "Smitty" Smith, CFPS Fire Protection Engineer II Colorado Springs Fire Department Office of the Fire Marshal 375 Printers Parkway Colorado Springs, CO 80910 TEL 719-385-7362 FAX 719-385-7334
FYISIGNAGE REQUIRED: Approved high pile storage signage is required to be installed at the approved storage height throughout all applicable storage areas. The signage shall be installed in an approved manner per CSFD specifications.
FYIKEYED ACCESS DOORS. All required access doors leading into high-piled portions of structures must be provided with keyed locks, which allow for immediate access into the structures. Master keys to lock are to be provided in the required on-site Knox box. (2003 IFC 2306.6.1.4 as amended)
FYITABLE 2306.2. Based upon Table 2306.2 and the information submitted, the COMMODITY CLASSIFICATION is HIGH HAZARD and the SIZE OF HIGH-PILED STORAGE AREA is 6528sf. This requires the following provisions: Automatic Fire Extinguishing System Building Access Smoke/Heat Vents
FYIAPPROVED STORAGE HEIGHT: This facility is approved for high piled storage of --CLASS IV-- combustible materials up to --20-- feet. All applicable IFC Chapter 23, IBC, NFPA, and approved fire sprinkler/fire alarm/detection requirements shall be met. ***Note: This approved height does not take sprinkler system requirements into account. Sprinkler system design may require modified storage heights. This will be noted during the fire sprinkler plan review.
FYIHIGH-PILE DATA Building square footage: 53000sf High pile storage square footage: 10028sf Sprinkler system: REQUIRED Smoke/heat detection: NOT REQUIRED Description of storage: Manufacturing, OEM components, encapsulated and non-encapsulated plastic, sheet metal, parts, PCBA's, cardboard. Commodity types: HIGH HAZARD Plastics:YES class: A percentage: SEE PLASTICS QUESTIONNAIRE/COMMENT Expanded/Non Expanded Cartoned Stable Storage height: 20 FEET Number of storage areas: 1 Storage methods: DOUBLE ROW RACKS Encapsulated: YES Aisle widths: 6' 2" Longitudinal flue: size: 16 -inches Transverse flue: size: 12 -inches Smoke vents: REQUIRED size: 32 sq ft number: 4 Exterior access doors: REQUIRED Exterior locking devices: Curtain boards (non-spkld bldgs only): NONE Public accessible storage areas: NO
FYIAISLE MAINTENANCE. When restocking is not being conducted, aisles shall be kept clear of storage, waste material and debris. Fire department access doors, aisles and exit doors shall not be obstructed. During restocking operations using manual stocking methods, a minimum unobstructed aisle width of 24 inches shall be maintained in 48-inch or smaller aisles, and a minimum unobstructed aisle width of one-half of the required aisle width shall be maintained in aisles greater than 48 inches. During mechanical stocking operations, a minimum unobstructed aisle width of 44 inches shall be maintained. (2003 IFC 2305.4)
FYIAISLE CLEAR HEIGHT. The required aisle width shall extend from floor to ceiling. Rack structural supports and catwalks are permitted to cross aisles at a minimum 6-feet, 8-inches above the finished floor level provided that such supports do not interfere with fire department hose stream trajectory. (2003 IFC 2306.9.2)
FYIMINIMUM AISLE WIDTH (AS). Aisles in sprinklered buildings shall be a minimum of 44 inches wide. Aisles shall be a minimum of 96 inches wide in high-piled storage areas exceeding 2,500 square feet in area, that are accessible to the public and designated to contain high-hazard commodities. (2003 IFC 2306.9.1.1)


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