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City of Colorado Springs
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 System plans must be picked up within 30 days. All system plans left longer than 30 days will be discarded as abandoned.


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1/31/2013 FYIBlasting - Private Residence, 151 Kirkstone Ln: single family home - hillside site review DV: Spires Broadmoor Filing 3 - RJB Blasters, Rick Batista. - 90 day permit to use nonexplosives/low explosives to crack rocks during road construction KIRKSTONE LN & BROADMOOR BLUFFS DRIVE SEE ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS OF SCANNED BLASTING INFORMATION ATTENTION: See our web site for our latest plan review comments for your job at: - go to "City Agencies" (tab on the teal bar to get a drop box) - click on - "Fire Department" - (Using the links down the left side of the page), click on - "Web Guide." Once you're into the Web Guide, click on "Plan Review Status" This will also give you access to numerous other items that may assist you in your future project design work.
AttentionPLEASE BE ADVISED: The Colorado Springs Fire Department requires notification of blasting activities by 4:30 pm the day BEFORE the blasting will take place. Please fax the notification to (719) 385-7334 (Att: Julie) NOTE: You must also contact Colorado Springs Fire Dispatch. 444-7000 If a blasting event takes place without proper notification, the permit may be revoked and suspended.
AttentionATTENTION: all applications for permit shall contain AT LEAST the following or it will be disapproved. A shot plan shall be submitted at the time a permit application is made. The shot plan shall include: 1) Name of blaster and name of supervisor. 2) Distance to gas, water, electric, telephone, fire alarm, telegraph, or stream utilities. 3) Distance to cellular phone, radio, and radar transmitters. 4) Distance to streets, roads, highways, or other public ways. 5) Distance to buildings and residences in proximity to the blast area. 6) Placement of charges. 7) Type of detonation to be used (fuse, electric blasting caps, delay, etc.) 8) Amount of explosive or blasting agent used. 9) Type of explosive or blasting agent used. 10) Size of holes (if applicable) 11) Type of blasting operation (blasting from holes, ditches, demolition, etc.) 12) Method for storage of explosives on the site in conformity with the requirements of the IFC 2009 13) Mode of transporting explosives to the site. 14) Method of protection for flying debris ** Provided to CSFD SEE ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS THIS FILE
FYISmoking and carrying matches while handling explosives or while within 50 feet of where explosive materials are used are prohibited.
FYIExplosive materials shall be stored in magazines. A competent person shall be in charge of magazines. The person shall be at least 21 years of age and responsible for compliance with all safety precautions.
FYIInsurance - Before a permit is issued to use explosive materials, the applicant shall file with the Fire Prevention a certificate of insurance showing commercial general liability with minimum available limits of: $1,000,000 General Aggregate $1,000,000 Products and Completed Operative Aggregate $1,000,000 Personal and Advertising Injury $1,000,000 each Occurrence $50,000 Fire damage (any one fire) $5,000 Medical expenses (any one person) Comprehensive Automobile Liability with Limits of $1,000,000 Per Occurrence. *** Insurance certificate received
FYIBlasting shall only be conducted during daylight hours
FYIATTENTION: PRIOR TO SUBMITTING PLANS FOR BLASTING THE COLORADO SPRINGS FIRE DEPARTMENT WILL REQUIRE THE FOLLOWING ITEMS TO BE SUBMITTED AND KEPT ON FILE: 1) A resume must be submitted and kept on file with the Colorado Springs Fire Department that will include the name, address, blasting experience, evidence of formal training and copies of certificates or diploma of blasting education for all personnel either supervising or conducting explosion activities. The resume shall demonstrate that these personnel are qualified through blasting experience, formal training, or certificates or diplomas to conduct blasting operations without jeopardizing public safety. 2) A copy of the State blasting permit 3) A certificate of insurance naming the Colorado Springs Fire Department as the certificate holder.
FYICSFD AMENDMENT- Blasting permit requirements: The following procedures are required to obtain a blasting permit from the City of Colorado Springs. A copy of the permit request may be obtained form the DFM Colorado Springs Fire Department. The Permit request shall include: 1) The storage site and location of explosive storage identified by address and site plan. 2) Identification of the typical transportation routes in and out of the City. 3) A resume to include name, address, blasting experience, evidence of formal training, and copies, of certificates or diplomas of blasting education for ALL personnel either supervising or conducting explosion activities. Resumes shall demonstrate that these personnel are qualified through blasting experience, formal training, or certificates or diplomas to conduct blasting operations without jeopardizing public safety. 4) A copy of the State Blasting Permit. 5) A certificate of insurance Naming the Colorado Springs Fire Department as the Certificate Holder. 6) Three working days shall be allowed to conduct an appropriate permit review.
FYIThe person in charge of handling and/or use of explosive materials shall be qualified in accordance with IFC 2009, as amended, chapter 33.
FYIBlasting shall be conducted in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations; IFC 2009, as amended, Chapter 33.
FYIAll blasting is approved based on the Colorado Springs Fire Departments final inspection of the site. No blasting shall be conducted until the inspection of the site has been field approved.
FYIAccess Road Signs - At the entrance to explosive material manufacturing and storage sites, all access roads shall be posted with the following warning signs or other approved sign: DANGER - NEVER FIGHT EXPLOSIVE FIRES - EXPLOSIVES ARE STORED ON THIS SITE - CALL____________
FYINotification - Before blasting, a minimum of 24 hours advance notice shall be given to the Division of the Fire Marshal Colorado Springs Fire Department.


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