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 System plans must be picked up within 30 days. All system plans left longer than 30 days will be discarded as abandoned.


Review DateStatusComment(s)
10/26/2012 E-MailFrom: Pat O'Connor [] Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 2:24 PM To: Withee, Doreen E Subject: FW: Questionon inventory of the store for the CSFD Dee; Please see response from the owner of the Interstate All Battery Center at 5230 N. Nevada Ave, #130. Let me know if you need any other information. From: Steve Kovac [] Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 1:54 PM To: Pat O'Connor Subject: RE: Questionon inventory of the store for the CSFD Again, we are like the three Batteries Plus locations in town##..we have about 15 car/marine/motorcycle batteries in store at one time (less than an auto parts store). We do have the small "sealed lead acid batteries" that are used, for instance, as the backup battery in a burglar alarm panel. Those types of batteries while sealed, also include a "paste" electrolyte, and some are "AGM". AGM batteries differ from flooded lead acid batteries in that the electrolyte is held in the glass mats, as opposed to freely flooding the plates. Very thin glass fibers are woven into a mat to increase surface area enough to hold sufficient electrolyte on the cells for their lifetime. The fibers that compose the fine glass mat do not absorb nor are affected by the acidic electrolyte. These mats are wrung out 2-5% after being soaked in acids, prior to manufacture completion and sealing. Having said all of that, it would be very difficult to determine "what the liquid capacity" is. In comparison, if helpful, it would be less than an auto parts store like O'Reilly, less than Costco's auto shop, less than Firestone, and less than the Big R I visited the other day. Finally, if whoever you are speaking with has records of the new Batteries Plus in the Home Depot shopping center at Powers and Woodmen#..our store would be nearly identical to them.
10/26/2012 FYI*****(STANDARD COMMENT) This project is: Batteries Plus, 5230 N Nevada Av, Suite 130: tenant finish Date of Plans: 10.12.12 You can access our web site for the latest fire department plan review comments: 1. From, select PLAN REVIEW then FIND PLANS next COLORADO SPRINGS 2. Scroll down to the correct address. You may then select APPROVED/DISAPPROVED to view comments associated with that particular project.
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT) IMPACT TO EXITING AND/OR FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS Egress components and fire protection systems that may be negatively impacted by yoru scope of work will be required to comply with the currently adopted fire code. As an example, if your work increases the occupant load of a space, the existing egress components will be required to comply with the requirements of the new occupant load.
Attention(STANDARD COMMENT) CONSTRUCTION SPLICES You are strongly encouraged to have any splices that may occur during this project, reviewed by CSFD. Failure to do so, can result in coordination issues that could prevent a final inspection from being completed, thus delaying the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT) FIRE EXTINGUISHERS Fire Extinguishers shall be provided in accordance with Section 906 of the 2009 IFC. Install extinguishers in highly visible and accessible locations, never in a dead-end area, and always try to place them near an exit pathway or at an exit(s). Mount 4" off floor to a maximum of 5 ft. to the top of the fire ext. (HINT: About waist high is perfect.) "FIRE EXTINGUISHER" signs may need to be posted to properly identify where the units are located if they're not highly visible.
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT) ADDRESSING Address shall be posted on street addressed side of structure. Minimum 5" numbers with 1/2" stroke. Contrasting color to background. (2009 IFC 505.1)
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT) SUITE NUMBERS Provide suite numbers as per the adopted fire code. In malls or shopping center suites-4" high w/ 1/2" stroke and visible at 50 feet, hotel rooms 2" high w/ 1/4" stroke, and office suites 2" high w/ 1/4" stroke. Suite numbers shall be provided on the rear doors of multi-tenant strip centers as well.
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT) REMOTE ADDRESS A remote address sign is required for this structure because it sits over 100 feet from the addressing street. The building, therefore, is required to have a minimum of two address numbers posted. One address must be posted on the structure itself. The second must be a remote address sign clearly posted at all of the street entrances to the structure. All addressing is to comply with the 2011 Regional Building Code 312.
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT) KNOX (TM) ENTRY FOR EXISTING BUILDINGS Existing KNOX (TM) Box shall be updated to provide a minimum of 2 sets of labeled keys for all doors and tenants.
FYI*****(STANDARD COMMENT) OCCUPANT LOAD THE OCCUPANT LOAD FOR THIS FACILITY IS: 37 The occupant load, calculated by the Regional Building Department shall be posted in a visible location. This determined number shall not be exceeded under any circumstance.
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT) EXIT SIGNS AND EMERGENCY LIGHTING: Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting shall be in compliance with the adopted building and fire code. Paths of egress will be verified to be compliant, even if they are beyond the scope of work. If your scope of work impacts the means of egress, i.e. a new conference room - the path of egress beyond that scope of work will be verified to make sure occupants can safely egress the building.
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT) LOCKING HARDWARE: All locking and latching devices shall comply with the requirements of the adopted building and fire code.
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT) HAZ-MAT REVIEW REQUIRED It appears that hazardous materials may be located on site. Your plans have been forwarded to the HazMat reviewer. If hazardous materials exceed exempt amounts, you will also be required to submit a Hazardous Material Management Plan for annual permitting. Additional tank installation permits and plan reviews may also be required. Check with the CSFD for details.
FYI*****(STANDARD COMMENT) FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS The following systems are present or required in this facility: --XXX---Fire Alarm System ---XXX--Water-Based Suppression System (fire sprinklers, standpipes, etc) Applicable Fire Protection System plans shall be submitted to the CSFD Construction Services office in the Regional Development Center.
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT 10) INSPECTIONS Due to the dynamic nature of inspectors schedules, PLEASE call your inspection requests in with ample time to allow scheduling. When calling, please have your complete CSFD plan review number(s) ready for each inspection request. ( i.e. 20001234 - HM -2 or 20000012 - CN - 1) The CSFD Approved sets of plans are to be on site for all inspections.
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT) SCHEDULING INSPECTIONS: Your assigned Inspector is Chris Drone. Please call 719-385-5982 Extension 2 to schedule all construction related inspection activities.
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT) REVIEWS Colorado Springs Fire Department construction reviews are based upon information provided on the drawings and/or the attached reference material. Issues or features that are not presented within the construction documents are assumed to be complaint with applicable codes/standards. It is the responsibility of the building owner to ensure that minimum code requirements are met as established by the Authority Having Jurisdiction, whether or not the requirements are specifically indicated on the submitted construction documents. The CSFD has reviewed the submittal in accordance with the adopted fire code requirements, CSFD local amendments, City Code Standards, and applicable NFPA Standards. All plan review comments are subject to final on-site field inspections, and testing by the CSFD. Review and approval by the CSFD shall not relieve the applicant of the responsibility of compliance with the International Fire Code. (105.4.4)
FYI(STANDARD COMMENT) PERMITS Insure all applicable permits are obtained from the Regional Building Department and the Colorado Springs Fire Department for the work that is being done at this site.


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