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 System plans must be picked up within 30 days. All system plans left longer than 30 days will be discarded as abandoned.


Review DateStatusComment(s)
5/22/2013 FYIRESUBMITTED: The plans have been re-submitted, and the disapproved issues have been addressed as follows: **PLEASE NOTE** ALL COMMENTS FOUND ON PREVIOUS PLAN REVIEWS REMAIN ENFORCEABLE UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED IN THIS REVIEW. 1) SEE LETTER IN RESPONSE TO REVIEW COMMENTS. ALL ITEMS HAVE BEEN ADDRESSED. All materials are below annual hazardous materials permit quantities--except small arms ammunition at any amount explosive category. 500 rounds reported. 2) SEE ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS FOR LETTER.
5/6/2013 FYIThis project is : Veteran Affairs Clinic, 3141 Centennial Bl: new outpatient clinic SYSTEMS: fire sprinkler for area/occupancy/use; fire alarm for occupancy; Smoke Control in Atrium CN:Code: 09 IBC - 09 IFC - 11 PPRBC /Class: B, A3, S2/ Const:II-B /Stories: 3/Size: 94342 /OL: 1010 FH:Required Flow: gpm /# Hydrants /On site flow: DV:Proposing a 97,613sq ft 3-story medical office building. Additional Comments:RAPID RESPONSE, Department of Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic Filing No. 1. Hazmat review:.
DisapprovedCHEMICAL INVENTORY: Not Declared, no information provided in plan set. Please provide the following information in order to complete your plan review: IDENTIFY HAZARDOUS MATERIALS AND THEIR RESPECTIVE USE AND STORAGE LOCATIONS. RESUBMIT WITH EACH PLAN SHEET IDENTIFIED WITH HAZARDOUS MATERIALS STORAGE AND USE. INVENTORY SHALL IDENTIFY MATERIAL, HAZARD TYPE CLASSIFICATION INDIVIDUAL AMOUNT AND AGGREGATE FOR EACH HAZARD CLASS. Please provide units of measure in lbs (solids) , cubic feet (gas), gallons (liquids) 1) MEDICAL AND DENTAL AREAS: ARE THERE MEDICAL GASES?; PIPED DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM?; MEDICAL GASES SHALL BE IN COMPLIANCE WITH CHAPTER 30 OF THE IFC 2009, AND CURRENT EDITION OF NFPA 99. SHOW DETAILS ON PLAN RESUBMITTAL 2) Diesel storage tank and generator will require a aboveground storage tank installation permit and a separate plan/permit review under separate cover/deferred submittal. Amount/size of tank was not reported? The CSFD requires a Construction Permit for the installation of any aboveground fuel tank in excess of 60 gallons. Flammable and combustible liquids shall comply with the IFC 2009 CHAPTERS 34, 22 AND 27 as amended, and NFPA 30. It is the responsibility of the TANK INSTALLER to submit an application for the tank installation permit prior to installation. The tank installer shall submit permit application forms and documents to : Kay Yeager CSFD Office of the Fire Marshal 375 Printers Parkway A full set of the tank manufacturer's cut sheets, a declaration of contained volume, a declaration of tank contents and a to scale site plan of the tank location with respect to walls, other structures, property lines, drive lanes, etc. Exterior tanks will be required to have vehicular protection diagrammed and installed in accordance with the 2009 IFC, Chapter 3, section 312. Any associated piping shall be diagramed and submitted as well. ***PERMIT APPLICATION FORMS WERE NOT SUBMITTED WITH THE DOCUMENTS. COMPLETE THE CSFD AST INSTALLATION FORMS AND RESUBMIT TO THE CSFD (DEFERRED SUBMITTAL)
Disapproved3) Alcohol based hand rubs: Alcohol-based hand rubs classified as Class I or II liquids. The use of wall-mounted dispensers containing alco-hol-based hand rubs classified as Class I or II liquids shall be in accordance with all of the following: 1. The maximum capacity of each dispenser shall be 68 ounces (2 L). 2. The minimum separation between dispensers shall be 48 inches (1219 mm). 3. The dispensers shall not be installed directly adjacent to, directly above or below an electrical receptacle, switch, appliance, device or other ignition source. The wall space between the dispenser and the floor shall remain clear and unobstructed. 4. Dispensers shall be mounted so that the bottom of the dispenser is a minimum of 42 inches (1067 mm) and a maximum of 48 inches (1219 mm) above the finished floor. 5. Dispensers shall not release their contents except when the dispenser is manually activated. 6. Storage and use of alcohol-based hand rubs shall be in accordance with the applicable provisions of Sections 3404 and 3405. 7. Dispensers installed in occupancies with carpeted floors shall only be allowed in smoke compartments or fire areas equipped throughout with an approved automatic sprinkler system in accordance with Section 903.3.1.1 or 903.3.1.2. 8. Corridor installations. Shall comply with IFC 2009 section 3405.5.1. 4) "Blast Engineer" noted on cover page. Blasting will require a permit and a separate plan/permit review under separate cover/deferred submittal. Explosives and blasting shall comply with the IFC 2009 CHAPTER 33, as amended, and NFPA 495 current edition. It is the responsibility of the licensed explosives/blasting contractor to submit an application for this activity prior to any work. Submit permit application forms and documents to : Kay Yeager CSFD Office of the Fire Marshal 375 Printers Parkway COS, CO 80910 5) Armory: Identify hazardous material storage at this location; material hazard class and amounts
Disapproved6) Please identify each room for storage on your chemical inventory. Plan reviewer cannot guarantee that all locations have been identified by reviewing the sheets as submitted. PLEASE identify floor and room number. on inventory. 7) Other: Radioactive pharmaceutical; laser gases. Note: non-radioactive pharmaceutical does not need to be reported. 8) Hazardous Materials inventory and declaration forms, permit application and packets can be found on the CSFD Division of Fire Marshal website @


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