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City of Colorado Springs
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 System plans must be picked up within 30 days. All system plans left longer than 30 days will be discarded as abandoned.


Review DateStatusComment(s)
9/27/2012 FYI*****(STANDARD COMMENT) This project is: El Paso County Sherrifs Office 27 E Vermijo AV Remodel Date of Plans: revisions and letter dated Sept 21, 2012 You can access our web site for the latest fire department plan review comments: 1. From, select PLAN REVIEW then FIND PLANS next COLORADO SPRINGS 2. Scroll down to the correct address. You may then select APPROVED/DISAPPROVED to view comments associated with that particular project.
FYIStorage of explosives and explosive materials, small arms ammunition, small arms primers, propellant-actuated cartridges and smokeless propellants in magazines shall comply with the provisions of IFC 2009, section 3304. Indoor storage and display of black powder, smokeless propellants and small arms ammunition shall comply with IFC 2009 section 3306 and NFPA 495. 3306.2 Prohibited storage. Small arms ammunition shall not be stored together with Division 1.1, Division 1.2 or Division 1.3 explosives unless the storage facility is suitable for the storage of explosive materials. SMALL ARMS AMMUNITION. A shotgun, rifle or pistol cartridge and any cartridge for propellant-actuated devices. This definition does not include military ammunition containing bursting charges or incendiary, trace, spotting or pyrotechnic projectiles. SMALL ARMS PRIMERS. Small percussion-sensitive explosive charges, encased in a cap, used to ignite propellant powder. SMOKELESS PROPELLANTS. Solid propellants, com-monly referred to as smokeless powders, used in small arms ammunition, cannons, rockets, propellant-actuated devices and similar articles. Explosive materials that are not cap sensitive shall be stored in a Type 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 magazine. 3304.3.3 Detonating cord. For quantity and distance purposes, detonating cord of 50 grains per foot shall be calculated as equivalent to 8 pounds (4 kg) of high explosives per 1,000 feet (305 m). Heavier or lighter core loads shall be rated proportionally. 3304.4 Prohibited storage. Detonators shall be stored in a separate magazine for blasting supplies and shall not be stored in a magazine with other explosive materials. 3304.5 Location. The use of magazines for storage of explosives and explosive materials shall comply with Sections 3304.5.1 through 3304.5.3.3. 3304.5.1 Indoor magazines. The use of indoor magazines for storage of explosives and explosive materials shall comply with the requirements of this section.
FYICHEMICAL INVENTORY --- PROVIDED IN LETTER DATED SEPT 21, 2012 SEE ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS **** INSPECTOR ALL STORAGE ON 3RD FLOOR (former vault room) ROOM 329 & 331 SWAT ARMORY/EQUIPMENT No propellents 240 lbs small arms ammunitions (5,500 rounds various) other dstraction devices, OC, smoke grenades, Simunition
FYIStorage of small arms ammunition shall comply with IFC 2009, Sections 3306.5.2.1 through 3306.5.2.3. 3306.5.2.1 Smokeless propellant. Commercial stocks of smokeless propellants shall be stored as follows: 1. Quantities exceeding 20 pounds (9 kg), but not exceeding 100 pounds (45 kg) shall be stored in portable wooden boxes having walls of at least 1 inch (25 mm) nominal thickness. 2. Quantities exceeding 100 pounds (45 kg), but not exceeding 800 pounds (363 kg), shall be stored in nonportable storage cabinets having walls at least 1 inch (25 mm) nominal thickness. Not more than 400 pounds (182 kg) shall be stored in any one cabinet, and cabinets shall be separated by a distance of at least 25 feet (7620 mm) or by afire partition having afire-resistance rating of at least 1 hour. *** NO SMOKELESS PROPELLENTS REPORTED IN INVENTORY
FYINFPA 495 CHAPTER 14 SMALL ARMS AMMUNITION 14.2.3 Small arms ammunition shall be separated from materials classified by the US DOT as flammable liquids, flammable solids, and oxidizing materials by a distance of 15 ft or by a fire partition having a fire resistance of at leas 1 hour. 14.2.4 Small arms ammunition shall not be stored together with Division 1.1., Division 1.2 or Division 1.3 explosives, except where the storage facility is suitable for the storage of explosive materials. No quantity limitations shall be imposed on the storage of small arms ammunition in warehouses, retail stores, and other occupancies other than those imposed by the limitations of the storage facility and by public safety regulations.
FYILid or door shall be marked with conspicuous white lettering not less than 3 inches (76 mm) high and minimum 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) stroke, reading EXPLOSIVES-KEEP FIRE AWAY.
FYILabeling - An NFPA 704 compliant Hazard Placard is required for each pedestrian entry door rooms containing hazardous materials in excess of the exempt amounts (this door could be interior or exterior) and all such doors shall be included. The minimum size of the Hazard Placard shall be 15" by 15". This requirement is subject to verification at the time of the Hazardous materials Inspection prior to signing the Fire Final.
8/1/2012 Attention08/01/12 phone call Georrge Diestlekemp, EP Cty Infrastructure Planning Mgr request to proceed with project while gathering the neded hazmat info. will comply withe all codes and construction for the ammunition storage rooms on the 3rd floor. plan reviewer requested that EP cty and architercvt submit written request. Kay spoke with K Cooper 08/01/12 re request, K Cooper provided ok and authorization to proceed with request. see letter...electronic document
Phone Callplan reviewer requested additional info from DLR- Terri 07/30/12 * rounds convvert to ponds per code and NFPA Standard 495 * any use of indoor magazines? * 10 1/2 inch floors/walls like bank vault and doors (no rating on these rooms) RBD has approved * 3rd floor restricts aamount to 50% MAQS and 2 control areas (storage on 3rd floor) * hold plans until receive addl info. EMAIL************************* RE: EL PASO COUNTY SHERIFF#S OFFICE RELOCATION Mitch, I just spoke with Kay Yeager of the Colorado Springs Fire Department. She is reviewing the drawings for permit, and is the last department left to review the documents. She would like the following additional information and clarification to the list of ammunitions to be stored in this building prior to approving the plans. 1. Please indicate the poundage for each kind of round of ammunition. (This should be listed on the boxes they come in.) 2. Will any of the ammunition be stored in magazines or special metal cabinets? (If the items are contained, it is safer for the building and its occupants.) For your reference, the list you gave us includes: 30 Flash Bang Distraction Devices 60 OC or CS 40 mm barricade rounds 10 SAF Smoke grenades 10 OC Riot control grenades 4 OC canisters (fire extinguisher style) 3000 rounds of .223 Duty Ammunition 2000 rounds.308 Sniper Ammunition 500 rounds of .40 Handgun duty Ammunition 1000 rounds simunition The sooner we receive an answer, the sooner we can be approved for permit. If you need to speak to Kay directly to ask any questions on what she needs, her direct phone number is 719-385-7356. Sincerely, Terri Teresa J. Ammon, AIA, LEED AP BD+C Architect DLR Group


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