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City of Colorado Springs
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 System plans must be picked up within 30 days. All system plans left longer than 30 days will be discarded as abandoned.

00775 BIJOU ST

Review DateStatusComment(s)
9/25/2013 ApprovedAs Builts brought in for signature due to CSU requiring fewer 90 elbows (to reduce friction loss) and change piping to CPVC.
1/14/2009 Approved
12/12/2008 FYIRE-REVIEW: The plans have been resubmitted and all the disapproved comments have been addressed and/or corrected as follows: 1)Plan Review # 2008-0722-FH-1 was added to plans 2)Fax form was included. 3) 1 copy of plans was provided. 4) CSU flow report was provided. 5) type V-A construction 6) 1500 gpm is the minimum fire flow allowed. 7) private hydrant agreement is not needed. ATTENTION CONTRACTORS: ISSUES LISTED AS "ISSUE RESOLVED" OR "ISSUE APPROVED" ARE ONLY ITEMS FINALIZED FOR PLAN REVIEW. PLAN REVIEW COMMENTS ARE SUBJECT TO FINAL INSPECTIONS, AND "ON SITE" FIRE FLOW TESTS WILL BE REQUIRED PRIOR TO FINALIZING ANY STRUCTURE FOR OCCUPANCY.
AttentionREADY FOR SIGNATURES: The water plans appear ready for signature as long as all disapproved comments have been addressed. Please provide one hard copy for CSFD records along with your final copies for our signature. ***NEW: Walk-in hours for mylar signatures are: Tuesday and Thursdays from 8am-11am. If you need other assistance, contact Kristen McClellan at 719.385.7347 to schedule an appointment. klm 6-08
11/13/2008 FYI*****(STANDARD COMMENT 1) This project is: Bijou Street Pinery, 775 W Bijou: formerly Fish Market/Bijou Hill Restaurant ATTENTION: See our web site for our latest plan review comments for your job at: - go to "City Agencies" (tab on the teal bar to get a drop box) - click on - "Fire Department" - (Using the links down the left side of the page), click on - "Web Guide." Once you're into the Web Guide, click on "Plan Review Status" This will also give you access to numerous other items that may assist you in your future project design work. smc - 1-02/rev 2-07
AttentionA site visit was performed. The existing hydrant will be adequate for this site. THere is no realistic way to loop the water line or no reasonable location to install an additional hydrant due to the grading and location of this building.
Attention*****(STANDARD COMMENT 2) HYDRANT/BUILDING DATA: Size of Bldg. 12337 sq ft Construction Type V-B Fire Sprinklers Y(x) N-- 50% reduction shown on plans - NOTE: 1500 gpm is CSFD minimum flow Required GPM: 1500 gpm # of hydrant(s) required: 1 Max AVG spacing between hydrants: 500 ft Max hose lay: 250 ft
DisapprovedDISAPPROVED: The following information and/or corrections are needed prior to completing a full plan review: 1) Add Plan Review # 2008-0722-FH-1 to plans 2) A fax form MUST be filled out with all submittals. They can be picked up at the front counter or I can email you a copy. 3) FYI: only 1 copy of plans is needed for initial review. I only need an extra copy to keep for our records during final signatures. 4) Provide a copy of CSU flow report with next submittal 5) Specify V-A or V-B type of construction 6) 1500 gpm is the minimum fire flow allowed. 7) Plans state that a private hydrant agreement is needed. This is true if the hydrant used to support this building is owned by someone other than the owner of this property. If required, the agreement must be approved and filed before plans can be signed. We need to see the agreement. Also: 1) Review all redline comments and address each one. 2) Return ALL red lined plan sets for each re-review. NOTE: The disapproved items may not constitute a complete list of violations. The designer is to conduct a complete re-review of the plans for additional violations of the standard and incorrect information prior to resubmitting.
FYI*****(STANDARD COMMENT 3) HYDRANT PAINTING REQUIREMENT: Fire hydrants shall be painted in compliance with Colorado Springs Utilities color coding standards. By using these standards the emergency response crews are provided a quick way to decipher how much water is available from a specific hydrant. The gpm of the hydrant are determined by an actual water flow test, and it is imperative the testing and color coding is accurate. smc 9-07
FYI*****(STANDARD COMMENT 4) ON SITE FIRE HYDRANT FLOWS: PRIOR TO THE TIME OF FIRE FINAL INSPECTIONS, on all new construction sites, it will be the responsibility of the owners, GC, or site manager, to have all new and existing fire hydrants, and private water systems flow tested. Per the IFC, all hydrants are to be installed and in service prior to any construction. **ALL HYDRANT TESTS SHALL BE CONDUCTED BEFORE ON-SITE CONSTRUCTION IS STARTED!!! As with any new or revised fire protection system, the Fire Department will need to witness all tests to verify the system will meet the fire flow requirements established during the plan review process. If this test occurs without Fire personnel on site, it will be deemed unacceptable by the inspector and will delay the final fire approval. (IFC 2003, Chapter 1) RJG 1/06 Contact SEAN HIGBEE, CSU at 668-4595 to schedule an ACTUAL flow test of CITY OWNED/PUBLIC hydrants. Be sure to provide them with a CSFD plan review number to include with their flow reports. Contact CSFD Fire Prevention t 385-5982 to schedule a flow test of PRIVATE OWNED hydrants. A contractor capable of performing the test will be required as CSFD Inspectors WITNESS only. dem 1/04 rev smc-9-06
FYI*****(STANDARD COMMENT 5) This is a PRIVATE system
FYI*****(STANDARD COMMENT 8) GENERAL INSPECTIONS/PLANS & SCHEDULING. Minimum notice of two business days is required for all inspections. Due to work loads, holidays, meetings, vacations, etc...the CSFD cannot guarantee a two business day turnaround on all inspections. PLEASE help yourself by helping us - call your inspections in with ample time to allow adequate scheduling. When calling, please have your complete CSFD plan review number(s) ready for each inspection request. ( For Example: 2005-1234- HS-2) The CSFD APPROVED sets of plans SHALL be on site for all inspections.
FYI*****(STANDARD COMMENT 12) INSPECTOR JOHNSON: STATIONS 1,3,4,5,13,16 : Your assigned Inspector is Kris Johnson. You may contact him at 719-385-7257 to schedule all construction related inspection activities.
FYI*****(STANDARD COMMENT 13) CSFD FEES. Fees for the water submittal will be collected when the building permit is paid. The building permit paid and issued at: 2880 International Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80910 vc -01-07
FYI*****(STANDARD COMMENT 14) If you have any specific questions or concerns about these comments, please feel free to contact me at: Kristen McClellan Fire Protection Engineer Colorado Springs Fire Department TEL 719-385-7347 FAX 719-385-7385 **New Walk-In hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 8-11 am. Walk-Ins are for mylar signatures, re-reviews and question about layouts, fire flow, etc.


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