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North Weber Street - Wahsatch Avenue Historic Residential District 

Typical Weber-Wahsatch Residence

Weber-Wahsatch Residence-520 N. Weber Street

    The Weber / Wahsatch District was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in August 1985. Principally composed of residences built at the beginning of the 20th century, it also contains a small commercial district, historic churches and a landmark school building. It is regarded as significant as the best intact historic middle-class neighborhood of Colorado Springs, closely associated with the heyday of the Cripple Creek Mining District. 

    Beginning at the northeast edge of the downtown area, it extends about 10 blocks to the north and contains about 530 principal structures. The prominence of the front porches distinguishes this district, and many of the buildings began as boarding houses, tending to those suffering from respiratory illness, principally tuberculars, “chasing the cure” in the clean mountain air of Colorado Springs.

    Cumberland Presbyterian Church

    Cumberland Presbyterian Church

    Weber-Wahsatch Commercial Building

    Commercial Building-802 N. Weber Street