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  • Resource Number: 98
  • Historic Building Name: Colorado Springs Child Day Care Center, Inc.
  • Current Building Name: Child Nursery Center
  • Address: 108 Antlers Pl.
  • Architectural Style: Modern Movements
  • Year Built: 1953, c. 1956
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    This building is associated with the history of programs to provide day care centers for preschool-age children in Colorado Springs, resulting from the entry of young women into the workforce during World War II and continuing to today. Built between 1953-56 by the Colorado Springs Day Nursery Association, which was founded in 1897 as a local manifestation of the Progressive social reform movement, it was intended to provide day care to pre-school age children from homes of modest means. Children symbolically broke ground during a ceremony in 1952; the initial construction was limited to the raised basement. The building, designed by Grant A. Wilson, was engineered to accommodate additional rooms and stories as funds became available.

    The appearance of the building is credited to local architectural firm of Edwin A. Francis and Carlisle B. Guy. The Pikes Peak Sertoma Club assisted fundraising. The building's Modern style is reflected in its flat roof, varied setbacks and heights, combination of stucco, brick and concrete, school-type windows and metal panels, and terra cotta decorative panel.

    The large terra cotta ornamental panel on the east side of the building is entitled "In the Springtime" and was created by Nellie V. Walker and presented by the Sor-Optimist Club in 1959. Possibly eligible for the National Register when the building and the addition reaches 50 years of age.


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