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  • Resource Number: 170
  • Historic Building Name: Seldomridge Bros. Feed and Grain/Simpson & Co.
  • Current Building Name: Brian's Bicycle/Corporate CTS
  • Address: 110 S. Sierra Madre St.
  • Architectural Style: No Style
  • Year Built: 1898-1902
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    This building is significant for its association with both agriculture and architecture in Colorado Springs. It served as the home of the Seldomridge Brothers Feed and Grain company, integral to the system of grain production, transportation and marketing. The brothers were prominent in both the grain business and politics, with C. B. (Charles B.) serving on state and national grain boards, and H. H. (Harry H.) serving in the Colorado Senate and the U. S. House of Representatives.

    Originally, a long rectangular building occupied the site. Fragments survived the devastating fire of 1898 that claimed the first Antler's Hotel, but the northern portion was rebuilt between 1898 and 1902 and the southern half, with a 50' high elevator, was built in 1902. This elevator was replaced no later than 1938, and again sometime after 1956.

    By 1943, Simpson and Co. was housed in this building; Fred W. Simpson operated the business with his son. Simpson was a deputy county clerk and a member of the City Planning Commission. He was associated with H. A. Robinson, who later purchased the business.

    The building is an example of a feed and grain facility, characterized by the tall, corrugated metal clad elevator to the south, the low, brick grain storage section to the north and its proximity adjacent to the railroad tracks. This type of building is quickly disappearing, particularly in urban areas. State Register eligible.


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