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  • Resource Number: 187
  • Historic Building Name: Securities Credit Corporation/International Business Machines
  • Current Building Name: RMK Design
  • Address: 321-23 S. Nevada Ave.
  • Architectural Style: Modern Movements
  • Year Built: 1956
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    This building is representative of the numerous, small Modern commercial buildings erected in the downtown during the 1950's and 1960's. Features common to this type include the horizontal emphasis, angled inset entrances and use of Roman Brick. Frank Lloyd Wright favored this type of brick for his Prairie style residences; Roman brick's dimensions are 4" by 2" by 12" as compared to the standard brick size of 4" by 4" by 8".

    Built in two parts - the northern half was built in 1956 and the southern part in 1959 - the initial building cost $7,000. Locally significant.


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