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  • Resource Number: 186
  • Historic Building Name: U.S. Forest Service Supervisor's Warehouse
  • Current Building Name: U.S. Forest Service, Pikes Peak Ranger District, Pike National Forest
  • Address: 601 S. Weber St.
  • Architectural Style: Modern Movements/Minimal Traditional
  • Year Built: 1937
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    This 1937 building is associated with the administration of Pike National Forest. The structure was designed to accommodate five trucks with storage space on the upper story.

    The Pikes Peak Timber Land Reserve was created in 1902, and five years later it was designated as Pike National Forest. Originally managed from Denver, part of supervisory responsibilities were moved to Colorado Springs in 1923, but the shop and garage functions remained in Denver until the completion of this building.

    Initiated by the Emergency Relief Act (an early federal program created to counter the effects of the Great Depression), it was completed by workers from the Civilian Conservation Corps. A similar garage was constructed in Glenwood Springs in 1936; this style has been identified as Minimal Traditional. The building was converted from garage/storage use to offices in 1986. Locally significant.


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