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  • Resource Number: 1
  • Historic Building Name: King's Chef Restaurant
  • Current Building Name: King's Chef Restaurant
  • Address: 110 E. Costilla St.
  • Architectural Style: Modern Movements/Novelty
  • Year Built: 1958
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    This building is representative of a fast-disappearing resource type: the small, prefabricated metal diner. The building's castle motif is an excellent example of the Modern-Novelty architectural style and was intended to attract the notice of travelers and residents and thereby boost patronage. It was originally located at 103 East Costilla in 1958 but was moved to its present location in 1963 where it continues its business to this day.

    The King's Chef Restaurant was originally operated by W.E. Noble, who had moved to Colorado Springs about 1951. Mr. Noble was a distributor for King's Chef and hoped to extend the diners to other cities. Such diners were important in the field of commerce, representing a fast, inexpensive eating place that was a transitional phase between conventional eating places and the development of fast food chains. Although slightly less than fifty years old, this resource is evaluated as eligible to the national Register as an example of a rare resource type displaying a high degree of physical integrity.


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