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North Parkside

North Parkside Walking Tour Map
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  • Resource Number: 203
  • Historic Building Name: Boulder Crescent Park
  • Current Building Name: Boulder Crescent Park
  • Address: Boulder Crescent St. and N. Cascade Ave.
  • Architectural Style: No Style
  • Year Built: Pre-1890
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    This is a roughly triangular, half-acre neighborhood park. A noteworthy feature is an orange granite boulder placed in the park on September 3rd, 1913, by the El Paso County Pioneer Association. It bears a plaque memorializing Charles Everhart, 17, George Robbins, 11, and Franklin Robbins, 8, on the 3rd of September 1868, resulting from a fatal encounter with Native Americans. The historical marker remained the park's only salient man-made feature until 1956.

    During 1956, several improvements were made to the park, including a sand-filled play area and a play sculpture designed by Fred Schumm of Manitou Springs. Built by park employees, the play structure was climbable, with a slide, and made of steel, resin plastics, concrete, plaster, and wax. Other improvements included shrubs, flowerbeds, and rows of small trees and partial enclosure of the park with a redwood fence. The granite marker was also removed, but, after protests from local historical societies, it was returned and located at the north end of the park. The park no longer has a playground today.

    Even though few historic features remain in the park, it remains a historic landscape presence in this neighborhood. Locally significant.


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