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  • Resource Number: 166
  • Historic Building Name: Gladstone Apartments
  • Current Building Name: Crescent Park Offices
  • Address: 10 Boulder Crescent St.
  • Architectural Style: Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements/Prairie Style
  • Year Built: 1909
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    This building is significant for its representation of the rarely built Prairie style in Colorado Springs. Elements of the style reflected in this building include the flat roof, asymmetrical façade, massive square piers supporting the porch roofs, the horizontal decorative emphasis provided by the parapet (notable for geometric ornament with Native American motif), the multiple lights in the upper window sashes, and the stained glass windows. The building may also be a precursor of Pueblo Deco style buildings, which featured ornamentation from Pueblo and Navajo tribal motifs used in Native American artwork, as well as angular forms in construction.

    Built in 1909, this is the larger of two apartment buildings erected in this style on Boulder Crescent by Frank E. Johnson, a prominent real estate developer in the city. About 1913, Johnson built a nearby apartment building known as the Crescent Apartments at 2 Boulder Crescent. National Register eligible.


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