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  • Resource Number: 158
  • Historic Building Name: Hagerman Carriage House/Park View Apartments
  • Current Building Name: Cascade Park Apartments
  • Address: 16 W. Willamette Ave.
  • Architectural Style: Late Victorian/Edwardian
  • Year Built: 1885
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    This 1885 building was constructed to serve as the carriage house, heating plant and servants quarters for the James J. Hagerman mansion to the east (610 North Cascade Avenue). Edwardian in style and exhibiting a high level of craftsmanship in its stonework, it was converted to multifamily use in the 1920's.

    Hagerman, born in Canada, made his fortune in the iron business, eventually heading the Milwaukee Iron Co. Arriving in Colorado Springs in 1884, seeking a cure from consumption, he began investing in the state, acquiring silver mines in Aspen, coal fields near Glenwood Springs and stone quarries on the Western Slope. His greatest effort was his Colorado Midland Railway, which was the first standard gauge railroad to cross the Colorado Continental Divide, eventually serving the Leadville and Aspen mining dstricts.

    The apartment conversion was accomplished by Benjamin Lefkowsky, a Russian émigré who left that country prior to the Russian Revolution. Purchasing the Hagerman properties in 1922, he added two wings to the mansion, renamed it the Russ-Amer Apartments, and transformed both it and the carriage house into apartments. Locally significant.


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