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  • Resource Number: 150
  • Historic Building Name: Cascade Apartments
  • Current Building Name:
  • Address: 702 N. Cascade Ave.
  • Architectural Style: Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements
  • Year Built: 1916
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    This building is representative of the apartment buildings erected in Colorado Springs during the early 20th century. Built around 1926 with 6 apartments, the building was designed to present a residential appearance that fit within the adjacent neighborhood. During this period, the trend to building stacked flats, sometimes known as tenements alarmed residents of established neighborhoods. Consequently, architects and builders designed apartments that emulated the large single-family dwellings in the vicinity.

    This building reflects the influence of the Craftsman style in its overhanging eaves with exposed rafters, multi-/single-light double-hung sash windows and front dormers. Locally significant.


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