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  • Resource Number: 125
  • Historic Building Name: All Souls Unitarian Church
  • Current Building Name: All Souls Unitarian Church
  • Address: 730 N. Tejon St.
  • Architectural Style: Late Victorian/Queen Anne
  • Year Built: 1892
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    This building has been the home of All Souls Unitarian Church since its dedication in 1893. Founding members of the congregation included some of the most prominent members in the community, including Jerome B. Wheeler, Irving Howbert, William S. Jackson and James J. Hagerman. The church was designed by the local architect Walter F. Douglas, based on standard plans used by Unitarians in the East. Willard B. Perkins, another local architect, supervised construction.

    The building is in a Queen Anne style, with a tall, square stone tower near the northeast corner of the building, with bellcast roof and overhanging flared eves and exposed rafters. In 1952, a basement addition at the southeast corner was added. In 1976, a first story was built on top of the basement. A further addition to the couth was added in 1984. State Register eligible.


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