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Near North End

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  • Resource Number: 121
  • Historic Building Name: Edward L. Bunts Office
  • Current Building Name: Edward Jones Investments
  • Address: 21 E. Monument St.
  • Architectural Style: Modern Movements/International Style
  • Year Built: 1949
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    s Modern style building is especially significant for its association with local architect, Edward L. Bunts. One of the most prolific architects in the city during the 20th century, Bunts came to Colorado Springs to recover from tuberculosis. Having been associated with the design of the First Christian Church (1935), First Methodist Church (beginning in 1939), and Palmer High School (1940), this one story office building was designed by Bunts and served as his office.

    This building reflects the Modern style in its asymmetrical design, minimal ornamentation, flat roof with wide eave overhang, horizontal bands of windows and clerestory windows, and combination of roman and wire-drawn brick, flagstone and turquoise tiles. National Register eligible.


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